Wang Xiaoxue was questioned by fans, two times may be handball, is really luck?

2022-06-11 0 By

The women’s football for 2 after 3 in the Asian cup final to reverse South Korea won the championship, but the game belongs to the credit of every player, ShuiQingXia substitution is correct in the second half, the women’s luck is good in the second half, including South Korea’s attack 2 times, is also a considerable threat, but the women’s xiao-xue wang to body to block the ball, not only won the game,After the game, the media compared Wu Xi of the National football Team with Wang Xiaoxui. Wu Xi was also bombarded by the fans and even wanted him to be removed as the captain of the National football team.Xiao-xue wang is the women’s title, although the ball with his chest and face, the fearless spirit is commendable, but found that after the media analysis, xiao-xue wang 2 times of balls are there is a big risk, almost all the ball almost hit in the arm, and it is also in the area is really good luck, if can’t play in the arm is bound to a penalty, but xiao-xue wang before blocking the ball,All with their arms behind their backs.There are two advantages of doing this. First, the referee can clearly see that his arm is bound. If the ball hits his arm, it must be not intentional, and the referee will not necessarily award a penalty.Fans also have found that xiao-xue wang to blocking the ball, the south Korean team is playing in the chest xiao-xue wang, girls know this would be very painful, so those who questioned xiao-xue wang, oneself also can go to try, the blow will have much pain, if luck may be inappropriate, but luck are someone to the influence of lucky people is our own efforts as a result,Creating the necessary conditions for luck.Could say against Japan and South Korea, xiao-xue wang blocking the ball twice won the applause of the people, and gain a lot of fans, at present there are some don’t understand the ball fans think that xiao-xue wang 2 times blocking the ball is not necessarily the right choice, this risk is too big degree of the first is the harm to the body, the second is easy to a penalty, so questioned xiao-xue wang who is also a lot of,But at least he is much better than Wu Xi of the National football Team. He eats thousands of sea cucumbers a year and has excellent ball dodging skills. So what do you think of this?