What does it mean to “die poor rather than marry a wife”?What does it mean to have a wife?

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As a nation with profound culture, China is far superior to other countries.In addition to our high and white snow, we also have a down-to-earth culture.In folk culture, especially the saying is handed down from generation to generation.The old saying was so popular in ancient times that everyone followed it.This saying was used in ancient marriage. When men married a wife, they often warned them: “It is better to die poor than to marry a wife.”This sentence in modern times, if you do not understand the ancient culture, it is really wrong to say its meaning.Let’s find out what this means.I’d rather die poor than marry a wife.There is a word that my wife cannot know exactly what it means.In fact, to really understand this sentence, it is very important to know the meaning of the birth of a wife, understand it this sentence is clear.A wife is actually a woman who remarries.In ancient times, divorce was not like today, two people can not survive, just divorce, and find another.Ancient women’s status is very humble, not married from the father, married from the husband.As long as a woman is married, her husband is everything to her and she must obey him in everything.Even if they can’t get along with their husbands, they have to put up with it, and they never have the slightest intention of divorcing their husbands.Because divorce for women in ancient times was despised and inexplicable.Gossip can kill people, as it did in ancient times, and no woman wants to be treated like this.A husband can divorce his wife, although a wife is not usually able to think of divorce.Of course, divorce must be a legitimate reason, can be accepted by the society at that time.Although men were inferior to women in ancient times, people still attached great importance to the right wife’s original marriage.If a man suddenly fell in love with another woman one day, he could take her as a concubine, but he could never give up his original wife and let this woman take over.There is also the ancient wife old, yellow face old woman, the husband does not like to divorce his wife with such a reason is not allowed.So under what circumstance can divorce wife?Only when the wife has committed an unforgivable wrong, and in the eyes of the world at the time, it is reasonable to divorce the wife, people will not say anything about the man.The first situation is that the wife is unable to bear children, the husband can divorce his wife.We know that the destiny of women in ancient times was nothing more than an accessory tool for procreation.In ancient times, however, there was great emphasis on passing the family line from generation to generation, especially when a boy was born to inherit the family business.If a husband shows no compassion for his wife, he may divorce her in such circumstances.There is a case that the wife is not loyal to her husband, with that time words that do not keep women.A woman who marries and has relationships with other men is considered unchaste.Since ancient times, there have been men and women not close to the idea, let alone has been married as a woman, more should be kept away from men.If a woman is found unfaithful to her husband, the husband’s family will divorce her to save face.The worse thing is to be immersed in a pig cage.Finally, when the husband dies and the woman becomes a widow, she can remarry.But the fact is that most people do not want to accept such a woman, because they will think that the woman killed her husband.We can see that the situation they encountered in remarriage was not acceptable to the world at that time. Therefore, the elders of the family would warn the boys who wanted to marry a wife to die poor rather than marry a wife.In ancient times, men and women were extremely unequal. Women were restricted everywhere and could not do many things according to their own will.Take ancient marriages for example.At that time, both men and women’s marriages were decided by their parents. Men sometimes had the right to choose, but women did not. Women were sometimes instruments of political marriage.For example, the princess of the royal family, this status is very high relative to the general woman, but as a woman can not escape the fate of women.Because they will go to marry, leave their hometown, this is very sad for the princess, although you are a princess but there is nothing you can do.Therefore, the ancient marriage is often not because of love, but the combination of interests.Born in that era, even if there is their own favorite people, finally because of family status and other circumstances of the obstacle can not be together.And in ancient times, we know the extreme inequality is that a man can have three wives and four concubines, while a woman is absolutely not allowed. After getting married, she must serve her husband all her life.If there is any disloyalty, the world will despise.The old saying is not to marry a wife, in fact, also from the inequality of men and women in the society, under the concept and system at that time, people do not accept the birth of a wife.Because once you have a wife, you set a label, you’re always going to be talked about, and you’re not going to be liked at all.This old saying is no longer applicable to modern times. The low status of women in ancient times was determined by the background of The Times.This old saying is also the product of The Times. With the development of The Times and the progress of society, this saying is no longer applicable to modern times.Few modern people know this sentence.We are now in a new era, the status of women is no longer as it was in the ancient times, and equality between men and women is advocated now. Both boys and girls have independent right to choose their spouses. Parents only have suggestions on women’s marriage, not as parents did before.If the marriage is not happy, life can not go on can also choose to divorce.In the new era, it is very common for women to divorce and remarry, no one will say anything about it, and people are very supportive of this behavior.In modern times, a woman is an independent woman with her own thoughts. Even if she gets divorced, she has the right to pursue happiness again.Nowadays people live in a modern society with a more open mind.Some ancient sayings can not follow the trend of The Times, is doomed to be abandoned and eliminated by people.The most important factor in a couple’s marriage is whether they are suitable for each other, rather than what some old sayings can affect.Therefore, when we hear some common sayings, we must rationally analyze, do not think that the ancient common sayings are very reasonable, we must learn to take the essence, to its dross.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!