Fujian: 3.115 billion yuan was allocated in advance to help poor people survive the winter

2022-06-12 0 By

Southeast Network, February 3 (reporter Lin Xianchang) From the Fujian Provincial Civil Affairs Department learned that in order to secure the bottom line of livelihood security, so that the disadvantaged groups warm winter, the provincial Civil affairs department of the 2022 central and provincial basic living assistance subsidies and other civil affairs transfer payment funds of 3.87 billion yuan,In collaboration with the provincial finance department, the minimum level of subsistence allowances for 2022 will be raised by another 350 yuan, and 3.115 billion yuan of assistance and subsidies for needy people will be allocated in advance.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the provincial civil affairs department led a team to visit the needy people around the country, offering condolence money, gifts and New Year’s greetings.In January this year, civil affairs departments across the province raised the standard of assistance and security for people in need, and timely provided relevant subsidies to disabled people and other groups in need. Leaders of municipal and county civil affairs bureaux led teams to visit people in need, and actively advocated mobilizing social organizations, social work institutions and other social forces to actively participate in charity and public welfare activities.