Hakka outstanding, is it because of the hakka high eq greetings: you eat toward?

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“Keeping a bed, eating the morning, eating the day, eating the night, washing the body and sleeping the eyes” are the living conditions of hakka people all day long.These are the Hakkas’ chaotic southward migration, after thousands of years, has been circulating the well-preserved central Plains “soil” dialect.Hakka, although not a nation, she belongs to the branch of the Han nationality, but has its own unique language and clothing, really not simple.The hakka’s daily greeting is not simply “hello” in Mandarin. It is hakka’s unique greeting: “Have you eaten the morning yet?””Have you eaten the day?””Is it dinner time?”What do these words mean?Have you had breakfast (lunch, dinner)?This also reflects the most important humanist concern among hakka people.Hakka language retains more ancient Chinese sound, called “Hakka language”.In the current linguistic research, Hakka has become the most important research material for the study of ancient Chinese.Hakka people live all over the world.In domestic Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Taiwan, hainan island part of the region;Abroad, mainly in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.Famous bigwigs in China include Sun Yat-sen, Hong Xiuquan, Huang Zunxian, Ye Jianying, Thai prime Minister Thaksin shinawatra, Yingluck, Singapore Lee Kuan Yew and his son.Interestingly, suriname, a country in the north of South America, is the only country in the world that uses Hakka as its national language.Its neighbor, The South American nation of Guyana, gained independence and became the father of its nation under The leadership of Arthur Chung, a Hakka.These also reflect the unity of the Hakka people and political influence, how powerful!Hakka people are so excellent, is it because of the hakka people’s high eq greetings, “Have you eaten the morning?”Haha, maybe, not without possibility!