In ning Taiwan enterprises overseas enterprises: the development of peace of mind

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(Go to the base in Spring)Development at ease Promising addition to ningde February 15 (Lin Rong) into the town is located in fujian ningde xiapu three sand (3) the first industrial zone of Taiwanese businesses – fujian lake kasumigaura JinHong tools manufacturing co., LTD., the company production workshop staff are on track with all kinds of hardware maker for tools and parts production, busy scene.”Work resumed on February 6, with staff basically in place and production on track.”Huang Baoming, deputy general manager of Fujian Xiapu Jinhong Tool Manufacturing Co., LTD., said that since this year, the overall export situation is stable, and now mainly exports to the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries and Taiwan.It is understood that Fujian Xiapu Jinhong Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in xiapu in 1995, has 27 years, the main products for hardware craftsmen for tool manufacturing.Before the product display cabinet, Huang Baoming pointed to a variety of hammers and hardware craftsmen as tools and parts, said that in 2021, the company’s total output of 2.5 million pieces of hardware tools, output value of 38 million yuan, exported to more than 20 countries and regions.Ningde is close to Taiwan by a strip of water. In recent years, ningde has introduced a series of preferential policies for Taiwan and accelerated the implementation of equal treatment, creating favorable conditions for Taiwan compatriots to start businesses, work, study and live in Ningde.”Since the reform and opening up, the mainland has developed by leaps and bounds.”‘The government cares about Taiwanese companies and policies have taken care of them,’ Mr. Huang said. ‘We have been developing in peace in the past 20 years in the Mainland.’While it is geographically close to Taiwan, Ningde is also the hometown of Overseas Chinese in Fujian province. There are more than 470,000 overseas Chinese in Ningde, covering 47 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, the United States and Oceania.On January 1 this year, RCEP officially took effect.In the view of CAI Shuxia, chairman of Ningde Xiawei Food Co., LTD., and overseas Chinese businessman from Canada, the construction of “One Belt and One Road” provides more new opportunities for enterprises to “go global”;RCEP will build a more effective professional cooperation platform for enterprises and promote high-level opening-up and cooperation.CAI Shuxia, who was born in ningde in 1970, made his first fortune in the 1990s by farming large croaker in Sanduao, ningde’s traditional harbor.In 2010, he started his own business in “backflow”, and the company has developed into an export-oriented enterprise integrating aquatic products breeding, refrigeration, processing, sales, scientific research and export.Benefiting from the construction of “One Belt and One Road”, the export volume of “Xiavi” has achieved leapfrog development and effectively expanded the international market.At present, the company’s products in 31 countries and regions around the world, the company in 2020 to achieve sales revenue of 330 million YUAN, export earned 47.38 million DOLLARS, tax more than 6 million yuan.CAI shuxia said that we will deepen scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation, business forms and models innovation, seize the benefits of the RCEP release, speed up “going global”, and explore a bigger market and future.Ningde city, located in the northeastern coastal area of Fujian province, has cultivated four leading industrial clusters with international competitiveness in recent years, including lithium new energy, new energy vehicles, stainless steel new materials and copper materials. The growth rate of various economic indicators continues to rank among the top in Fujian province, showing strong momentum for development.”There is great potential for overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to return and start businesses.”CAI shuxia said that ningde will embrace a better future with the improvement of transportation network, the improvement of business environment, the enhancement of investment attraction and the development of advanced manufacturing industry.(after)