Industry concern: Geely officially entered the power switching track, and Rui Blue Automobile emerged at the historic moment

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The year of 2021, which just passed, is another fruitful year for Geely Auto.Sales data showed geely Auto’s cumulative sales in 2021 totaled 1.328 million units, up 0.6% year-on-year.At this point, Geely Auto has not only achieved five consecutive years of sales of more than one million, but also become the sales champion of domestic independent auto brands for five consecutive years.Among them, the sales volume of Lynk brand reached 220,000 units in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 26% and a record annual sales volume.Among all domestic auto manufacturers, Geely Auto ranks third in sales volume, next only to FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-GM.It is worth mentioning that, in order to further enhance the premium ability of Geely brand, Geely Auto established a high-end series model “China Star” team born in the CMA architecture last July.From the sales data of 2021, the cumulative sales of “China Star” series models in 2021 exceeded 210,000 units.Both the sedan Star Rui and the SUV Star Yue L have quickly won the recognition of the market and consumers by virtue of their excellent product strength, and demand exceeds supply.As one of the few self-branded models, it can directly compete with the joint venture brand of the same level.In terms of new energy vehicles, Geely Auto’s total sales volume in 2021 was 100,000 units, up 47% year-on-year.Objectively speaking, as the “big brother” in the autonomous vehicle enterprises, Geely Auto needs to improve the space is very large in terms of new energy vehicles.On January 24, Geely Auto announced the formal establishment of its brand new auto brand Rui Blue Automobile.It is understood that the company was jointly established by Geely Auto and Lifan Technology, with 50:50 share ratio between the two parties and a registered capital of 600 million yuan.In the future, Rui LAN Automobile will launch new energy models based on electric switching technology, covering cars, SUVs, MPVS, light trucks and logistics vehicles.This means that Geely auto officially entered the new energy vehicle “electric circuit”.According to the plan, the company will build more than 5,000 speed-changing stations by 2025, covering more than 100 core cities.Looking at the current new energy vehicle enterprises, in addition to NIO automobile has achieved a relatively significant impact in electricity conversion, dongfeng, SAIC, BAIC and other automobile enterprises are also gradually making efforts in the field of electricity conversion.Compared with charging stations, the cost of building a changing station is also much higher.However, in view of the new energy vehicle subsidy policy for the use of electric vehicles are not subject to price restrictions on this point, “electric mode” in the future of the new energy vehicle industry, should be a big trend.And the flagship “power conversion mode” Rui Blue automobile, for Geely auto in the development of new energy vehicles, is particularly critical.Copyright Notice: This article is the car express review original, reproduced please contact authorization, without permission is strictly prohibited to reproduce, and graphics to put an end to any form of plagiarism, otherwise will be investigated for legal responsibility.Part of the article pictures from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, if you use your work, please contact us for payment or delete.