Nets and 76ers trade evaluation of who wins and who loses the outcome is unclear

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The Nets got: Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, an unprotected 2022 first-round pick and a protected 2027 first-round draft pick trade rating:B+ Ideally, I think Simmons will be the absolute upgrade of Bruce Brown over the past two seasons, he can guard opposing guards and create opportunities with penetration on offense, and he can be a pretty effective pick-and-roll participant.This kind of positioning was actually tried before in Philadelphia, and it worked best during the lockout of the 2020 season, until simmons suffered a knee injury three games later.Simmons is far more of a threat to the basket from close range than Brown, though his ability to shoot from distance is far less impressive.He also gave Brooklyn a bigger, more capable guard on defense, which is good news for Mills and Seth Curry, and the Nets could even play both of those shooters together.But the problem is, to the home, the nets how to arrange the lineup.Is it better to trust Seth and Mills’ ability to create offense, or is it better to let Durant play point forward and let him do more work?Or should simmons play point forward?Simmons hasn’t played this role well in the past, and his lack of shooting ability and inconsistent free throw shooting will be most exposed in this position.On defense, The addition of Simmons is definitely a major upgrade for the Nets.In the ’21 playoffs, they displayed a dominant defensive intensity, repeatedly using high-intensity, unlimited rotations that made opponents struggle offensively.But this season, they have often been outplayed by opponents’ high-quality offense.In the first two games against the Bucks, Milwaukee scored more than 124 points per 100 possessions, according to the NBA’s advanced stats.Finished said the net field competition aspect of the problem, look at the team construction gains and losses.Trading Harden for Simmons certainly gives the Nets more future option flexibility, and since Harden has a player option in his contract for next season, any team that tries to get him would be taking a huge risk. In other words, no team outside of Philadelphia would be willing to take that risk.Not at all in Simmons’s case, and judging by rumors over the past six months, the league is full of teams willing to take Simmons even if Brooklyn doesn’t like him.So, all things considered, the Nets are a clear winner from a value standpoint, given harden’s certainty that his decision is made.It’s just hard to guess whether Harden would have fought for a title if he had stayed, so it’s impossible to determine how much the Nets have lost in their championship chances.In addition, the Nets have created a formidable opponent for their eastern Conference playoff push this year, which is a very important part and the biggest minus.Given all of this, I understand why the Nets held out for Harden until the last minute, deciding to make a complicated trade to get it done.76 people get: James harden, Paul millsap market rating: C – assuming rivers will think of some way to stagger the two superstars some playing time, this is the right move, having two singles super star’s biggest advantage is the ability to make the team always keep damage, so try to keep a man there would be the most reasonable competition strategy.And harden and Embiid have both had slightly worrisome injury histories, making the pair an insurance policy for each other.According to the NBA’s advanced stats, the 76ers have lost 7.7 points per 100 possessions this season when Embiid is out of the game, and their net win per 100 possessions has plummeted from +7.1 to -2.3.While staggered minutes are a good strategy, harden and Embiid will have to find chemistry for the rest of the season in order to maximize the duo’s effectiveness and prepare for a brutal playoff season, and playing pick-and-roll would be the most straightforward way.On the bright side, the pick-and-roll combo is expected to be unmatched, given Embiid’s dominance at off-position guard and Harden’s superior one-on-one ability.Looking at all the teams in the Eastern Conference, I think the Heat and bucks are the favorites to win this year’s conference.That’s bad news for Philadelphia, which needs immediate success this season to justify handing Harden a whopping contract extension this summer.Assuming Harden does exercise his $47.4 million player option for next season, harden would be eligible to sign a four-year, $223 million extension with Philadelphia when the trade limit expires.If all goes my way, I’d rather keep Simmons than trade harden and sign him to a mega contract, because what Philly paid for that deal would look ridiculous if harden wasn’t re-signed.With Seth Curry, one of the sixers’ most important role players, gone, Philadelphia will need to find a replacement who can provide consistent perimeter output.On the bright side, Philadelphia ended up keeping Maxie and Sabre in the middle of the trade negotiations. Maxie initially seemed likely to be traded because of his offensive value, and given the trade leaks, the Nets really wanted the young talent.Maxie has improved greatly in his pitching role this season (40 percent from 3-point range), making him a reliable backcourt partner alongside Harden.