SMS deleted how to restore?

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SMS deleted how to restore?What is a good recovery method, can help find the text messages on the mobile phone.Text messages may not be important to you now, but some of your friends are very important content.In our life a lot of need to use SMS, but when cleaning up, accidentally deleted mobile phone SMS how to do?How to recover text messages on mobile phones?Note: if the message is deleted, there are recently deleted records, remember to find their own messages in the recently deleted album to restore, if not found, use the following methods to restore.Step 1: Run the installed easy to recover Apple software, and connect the iPhone to the computer in advance.Then select Scan restore from iPhone device.Step 2: In the displayed data type, select SMS, check, and click Next to scan the data on the phone.Step three: wait for a moment while scanning, keep the data line in good contact with the computer, and wait patiently for a moment, until the end of the scan.Step 4: After scanning, you can see the scanned SMS content on the software. The orange font indicates the deleted SMS content. You only need to search the desired SMS content in the orange font to restore it.SMS deleted how to restore?Mobile phone text message delete recovery tutorial as described above, with the loss of apple recovery software, easy to scan will delete the text message restore to the computer, if you are still worried about mobile phone text message delete by mistake, then quickly try this method.Android phone owners can try losing Android Restore.