The original god: the first version of Atracutsu, damask people draw the debate, Xumi set a new guess

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Hi, everybody. I’m the assistant.After the preview of 2.5, I was full of four big words, the activity of 2.5 card pool was cut almost earlier, as xumi’s outpost layer rock, may reveal some news about Xumi.However, before looking forward, the early release of the lyanren li draw, should have given this series to end, but it seems that the travelers are not too happy.Twill itself and do not have what matter, players who are upset is twill draw looks like extra work, poking fun at the armrest of action like catching the bus, some feminine facial expressions, long legs, arms composition weird, not discontent ghatpot people and design, may be the painter deadlines to some worry, even on the joint thor, will have a sense of right, anyhow domestic BBS is fully occupied,Even the purity of 24K rice, also in a veiled joke.Apart from the action, this damask and Atractyloch, is it not a small lost brothers?Except for the hair and eyes, it feels like the arc of smile is very similar, this wave is not the first version of Atracutsu, if you change the blue version of atracutsu into grass green, I will believe you if you say that this is the atracutsu after.”Nooo, I wish Damask would look different from everyone else, I’m disappointed, there is no style of Rice Wife, if there is some armor or something, but, but.I think the main reason why people are disappointed with Ayanami design is that ayanami has a traditional Japanese aesthetic, so we expect a similar design from Ayanami, but somehow Mihalyu thinks Asian elements are the way to go.Why does everyone make a big fuss about the design, like if you don’t like the design, then don’t like it, after all, it’s not up to you to design Ayanami, Mihayu didn’t come to you or ask fans to help them design Ayanami.I personally like his design, his suit elements suit his role as a government Z, and there are still details of rice wife, tail spike, purple, knot, etc.The reason you’re disappointed is the fanfic hype.It looks like the 2.6 test pack will be released after the 2.5 server release, and we should see what the Damask model looks like, but it didn’t take long for damask to come out, and I was so happy to see it on Reddit.Finally, let’s put some of the Settings we saw on Reddit.Xumi roughly refers to the Worship of fire J in India, xumi has the protection like Boromoon, three men and three women, grass god and demon god name Buer, the former wood god Solas, Solas is related to the living people in the day and S people at night, there are similar hanging gardens in Babylon, xumi order courtyard fish, players need to discover the hidden content and the truth of the earth.