View intangible heritage skills, taste “a bite of Beijing”!Chinese and foreign journalists shake yuanxiao bag shaomai

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On February 15th, sponsored by the Beijing news centre, 2022 “double the city new atmosphere – 2022 Chinese and foreign media” Beijing city image feature interviews, invited more than 60 from 33 media both at home and abroad, the Chinese and foreign media and journalists entered the Beijing old cheap lane, close watch the intangible skill, taste Beijing flavour food, to experience traditional food production,Feel the unique charm of Beijing culture, feel the tradition and enthusiasm of Chinese hospitality with food.”Nanlu Duck, braised pig and meat hung in the oven” is recorded in the book “Ji Sheng at the Age of Emperor Jing”, in which “Nanlu Duck” refers to the 600-year-old stewed roast duck of Bianyifang.Chinese and foreign journalists first came to the roast duck making room to watch the cooking techniques of braised roast duck.”Braised roast duck is known as’ green roast duck ‘for its crispy skin, tender meat, delicious taste, clean surface without impurities, and good health.”Under the leadership of Li Yang, the representative inheritor of the skill of braised roast duck of national intangible cultural heritage, the journalists took part in the duck inscription activity with great interest.Xu Hejian, director of the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and director of the 2022 Beijing Press Center, liu Yutong, Counselor of the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry and director of the 2022 Beijing Press Center, and reporters from The Voice of Vietnam Radio and Newston News Agency wrote the theme slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics “Together toward the Future” on the duck.To deeply experience the unique charm of Chinese culinary skills, I also took this opportunity to express my best wishes for the successful hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”I often eat roast duck, and I want to know how to make it and what makes it special.For foreign journalists, the interview is a window into Beijing culture.”Vietnamese journalist Bi Thun said.Still immersed in the delicious roast duck, the reporters were amazed at the “du yi Shao Mai” production skills.Duyizhu brand was founded in 1738 AD, and is the first batch of “Chinese time-honored brand” recognized and awarded by the Ministry of Commerce.In more than 280 years of inheritance, have formed a superb production technology, with the surface as the skin, with meat as the filling, the top is not sealed, like a pomegranate, from dough to mature a total of 16 processes, its rolling skin, wrapping process is very technical and appreciation.”The dough of Shaomai is made in the five colors of the Olympic rings.There are 24 pleats on the bag, symbolizing the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms.”Wu Huaxia, the torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the representative inheritor of the shaomai making technique, showed the shaomai rolling technique to the media reporters. The media reporters also started to experience the fun of “making dumplings in a different style”.The steamed shaomai is exquisitely carved, with a wing-thin skin and a top covered with frost, like a blooming flower.With chopsticks to hang up like hanging gallbladder, aroma overflow, a go down, media reporters have to cry.Cold hard to lock the new spring, furnace warm appropriate cooking white jade pills.During the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, media reporters learn to shake the Lantern Festival by following Zhao Shuangyu, a maker of Jinfang snacks.The stuffing is repeatedly shaken in a bamboo sieve filled with glutinous rice flour, dipped in water, just like a snowball, the skin gradually thickens, one round yuanxiao was born.”Shake the yuanxiao with strong hands and pull it out.”The whole process takes about 15 minutes to make by hand. Each yuanxiao weighs about 25 grams, according to Zhao.Choi Hun-gyu, a reporter from South Korea, shook the yuanxiao with his own hands under the guidance of a teacher on the spot, which made the festival atmosphere particularly strong.Jinfang brand was founded in 1926, and its yuanxiao is the famous yuanxiao in Beijing.During the Lantern Festival, there will be a long queue in front of the gate of Jinfang yuanxiao, and the making technique of Jinfang Yuanxiao has also been included in the intangible cultural Heritage list of Beijing Dongcheng District.The ancient capital Beijing is home to many time-honored brands.At the time of the Winter Olympic Games, these time-honored brands, which have concentrated the cultural connotation of Beijing flavor, show the profound cultural heritage of Beijing city with exquisite intangible heritage skills and exquisite service, and present an exchange and encounter of food culture to foreign friends.