What do you think of a 4-year-old girl who yelled at a supermarket waiter after being stopped from trying on a cake?

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Hello everyone, I’m Wan Qiu talking about parenting. I went to the supermarket once in a while, and I came across a very surprising and speechless thing.I took my son to the bread section to buy some for breakfast. Just as the staff brought out a tray of cut cakes to sample, a little girl of four or five rushed up to me and ate half of them in a blink of an eye. I was stunned.The staff member is a little confused, wait for her reaction to hurriedly stop: “What have you eaten up others to eat?Don’t eat it!”I thought the little girl would be embarrassed, but she cursed at the staff and made obscene remarks.Beside a grandma appearance of the person come over, pull the little girl side leave side grumble: “originally is to take out to try to eat, others eat point return so many faults!”The performance of the grandparents made the staff furious!Several customers were also criticizing them, while one of her colleagues was unconcerned: “This is not the first time for them. I saw grandma telling her to put loose sugar in her pocket.”I think if you really can’t afford cake and your child is greedy, you can let your child sample some, but you don’t need to look so ugly, right?And it doesn’t look like the little girl is having a taste test, she’s just taking advantage!When I went home and told my husband about this, the husband said bluntly, “Most of this girl’s life is wasted.”It’s hard to say, but I think so.As the old saying goes, “penny wise, pound foolish,” it may seem like a bargain at the time, but it will cost you more elsewhere.I remember reading such a story: a Chinese girl went to Study in France after graduating from university.She was quick to spot a flaw in the local public transport system: the stations were open, with no ticket gates or inspectors, all on her own.Once in a while, the girl did not get caught, so she often skipped the ticket and felt proud of herself for taking advantage of it.4 years later, the girl graduated with excellent results, smug apply for a large company in France.However, after the first trial, she was politely rejected.Several failures left her furious, and she thought French companies were racist.When she was rejected by a big company again, she angrily asked the human resources department of the company, only to be embarrassed by the reply: “We value you very much because of your educational background and academic level.But after looking at your credit records, we found that you have been punished more than three times for fare evasion.The girl tried to defend herself, but the other side said, “This case proves that you don’t abide by the rules, and you are good at finding loopholes in the rules and using them maliciously. We can’t trust such a person.And, the company confesses, she may not find anyone in France or Europe willing to hire her.What a pyrrhic gain the girl had paid so much for a small fare.People who love to take advantage of others always think that they are “smart”. However, others are not stupid either. Your behavior has given you a bad brand on your personality.Since childhood love love greed, not their own things also want to take their own, this child grew up world outlook is not good, moral integrity is not good.Zeng Guofan wrote in his letter to his family, “Do nothing to take advantage of others, do not take money lightly.”2, love to take advantage of parents, can not raise the atmosphere of children some parents in order to the eyes of the slightest profit, racking their brains to come up with all kinds of ways, and finally accounted for a little cheap feel happy, terrible is to make a bad example for children.A few days ago, I met a neighbor in the supermarket downstairs with her 5-year-old grandson to buy vegetables. They were right in front of me in the checkout line. I saw the little boy pick up a small bag of snacks near the convenience counter.Unexpectedly, the cashier finished the bill and asked the boy, “Little brother, please take out what you have in your hand and pay the bill together.”The grandmother, seeing the revelation, scolded her grandson: “When did you get it?Give it back! No!This kid is really.”Grandson obediently put down his snacks and followed his grandmother.I get the feeling that this is not the first time they’ve done this.Children do not have the ability to judge whether things are right or wrong. Most of their behaviors are learned by imitating adults. When adults’ opportunistic behavior is imitated and internalized into habits, it will have a great negative impact on their future growth.Maybe he didn’t feel it, but the people around him certainly did.A freeloading child will find it difficult to have intimate friends when he grows up.Every time you don’t pay for dinner, every time you go out to play with someone else’s car, every time you eat someone else’s snacks, who will help you every day for free?That’s not the kind of person you’d want to be friends with.”A gentleman loves money in the right way”, no one does not like money, but if the way to get at the expense of others is immoral behavior.Parents are children’s role models, everywhere want to take advantage of parents, in fact, is cutting children’s way to happiness;Only with a correct moral outlook, to lead by example, can we raise high-quality children, but also pave the way for the growth of children.Wan qiu talk about parenting, like reading two baby mother, welcome to pay attention to, laugh together raise baby chicken fly dog jump, share the happiness of raising children, summed up the experience and lessons of raising children.(Pictures from the Internet, if invaded, delete)