Farmers’ pensions not enough?New ideas for elderly care have been unveiled, and the elderly in rural areas are blessed!

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By the end of 2021, China’s population has reached 1.4126 billion, although the number of newborns has increased by 480,000 compared with last year, but the structure is still unreasonable, the elderly ratio is significant, the birth rate of newborns is also decreasing year by year, in 2020 the birth rate is the first time below the 10% level.This series of data means that the era of China’s demographic dividend is gone forever. With the lingering influence of the family planning policy, and the rapid development of medical and health technology, the average life expectancy continues to increase, and the aging problem has become one of the contradictions urgently needed to be solved in Chinese society.In view of a series of problems caused by aging, the country is also actively looking for solutions. The two-child three-child policy can effectively alleviate the distress of aging, but relevant experts say that the aging problem still exists in the future, at least in the next 20 or 30 years will be difficult to cure.About aging, effective way to solve the word nature cannot leave a pension, pensions as the name suggests is the old people in urban and rural residents in retirement and lose labor ability when issued by the state of a property, the goal is to make the old people time “, “alleviate the children shoulder the burden at the same time also let some childless old man to spend the rest of their lives.China’s pension policy has always been positive and upward. Since its establishment, it has risen and risen again. By the end of 2021, it has achieved a leap of 17 consecutive increases.Although the increase is not large, we can see from this series of policies that the country has “love and righteousness” for the elderly.China has been advocating filial piety since ancient times, there is a saying “parents do not travel far” inculcation, with the rapid progress of modern society, our thoughts will not be unchanged, young people ambitious, go out to work, their parents are also very supportive, live safely at home.But such wishful thinking seems to exist only in a small number of urban families, especially pensioners. In the countryside, most of the elderly still struggle to get by on just a meager pension, let alone grandchildren to feed.In addition, some netizens also pointed out that there are subtle differences in the issuance of pension insurance and pension for urban and rural residents. In general, the pension in urban areas is more than that of most rural elderly people, even in some areas only a little over 100 yuan, which forms a huge gap between urban and rural areas.When it comes to the countryside, China has always attached importance to agriculture, which has been regarded as a basic industry since ancient times. In the feudal society, the literati, officials and scholars who were all over the place were only above the peasants, while the businessmen and rich people who were admired by everyone now could only live below them.After the end of the feudal society, although New China focused on promoting industrialization, farmers still occupied the majority of China’s population, and their will influenced the development trend of new China.In the new era, the government adjusted the existing policies in time, still regarded agriculture as the primary industry and the basic pillar industry, and gradually tilted its policies toward rural areas, promoting development, raising farmers’ income, and enabling farmers across the country to get rid of poverty, and building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way became the Chinese dream of the new generation.Now, through many efforts, the countryside is indeed diversifying, and farmers are getting richer, but for the elderly, who have lost their labor force, the way to provide for the elderly has become a priority.Between rural and urban pension problem has always been a hot topic in the field of pension, in fact, the urban endowment insurance and rural endowment insurance of pay amount is different, the countryside before the old man officially pensioners the endowment insurance of pay is only a few hundred dollars, and often much more expensive, endowment insurance for urban residents is get pension nature is more also.We can not only see the results and ignores the cause and process, investigate the root cause, to solve the rural life difficult for the elderly, children, the difficulty of pension have to promote the continuous improvement of the urban and rural residents endowment insurance system, moderate according to average wages and living standards in different areas of the distribution of pensions, increase rural elderly pensions.Through the introduction of relevant policies and regulations on land and real estate pension, it can be concluded that the future pension mode will be inclined towards land and real estate, and the real estate pension is no longer exclusively owned by urban residents.Experts also said that under the support and inclination of various national policies, rural old house property or will increase the value of the realization of the new way of pension is no longer difficult to touch.Of course, this is only a prediction, the implementation of the relevant measures to see the delegation.Conclusion perhaps the above mentioned problem cannot be solved in a short period of time, but we also saw the country to make efforts, as a child, of course, we also can’t geared by the state, that the best a few hundred dollars pension can ensure the old people eat and drink, but want to keep warm in the winter, out-of-season to change clothes, and old people unavoidably some disease, all of these need extra money to support.In addition to the money and the necessary care and greetings, parents brought us into the world and spent half their lives raising us, now they are old, it is time to let them enjoy the blessings too.Ok, friends, that’s all for today’s hot topic sharing. If you have any ideas, let’s see you in the comments section!Farmers’ Pensions not enough?A “new idea” for the elderly has been unveiled, and the elderly in rural areas are blessed!