Leave green + pursuing bushy eyebrows?The Warriors welcome the biggest opportunity to strengthen, Wiggins + Kumin plus chips

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As the 2021-22 NBA regular season continues, news about the favorite Golden State Warriors has been the focus of attention.The Warriors have plummeted in the standings in recent games as the interior has been overrun by opponents.Many fans are starting to wonder if the Warriors will be eliminated in the playoffs because of their lack of paint, depriving Stephen Curry of a championship shot in the final prime of his career.In fact, the Warriors in the recent game was hit inside, only rooney in the penalty box a struggling support.Two core linemen, including Draymond Green and Wiseman, were unable to give the team enough support because of injuries.Fans believe that once Draymond Green is back, the Warriors will be able to complete their interior and not be a cash machine for opponents.Can the Warriors’ interior presence with Draymond Green back really help them to a championship?Clearly, with green and Rooney supporting the team inside, the Warriors are not guaranteed a championship.After all, strong inside players like Embiid, Jokic and Giannis antetokounmpo will almost certainly be in the playoffs.If the Warriors are going to dominate inside, they’re going to need an All-Star center to win.In recent seasons, the best interior player for the Warriors’ unlimited uptempo game has been Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers’ leading center.Now, the Warriors finally ushered in a good opportunity to improve.Davis was helped off the court in the second quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ comeback win over the Utah Jazz with a sprained right ankle.Unsurprisingly, the injury is likely to rule him out for the season.That said, the lakers of the future are likely to fall out of 8th place in the standings and not even make the playoffs.If the lakers don’t make the playoffs, they will probably be sold and rebuilt.For the future may choose to rebuild the Lakers, the Warriors lineup still has a very good chip.Among them, the Warriors in the retention of Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson three core, can also take out Wiggins, Wiseman, Kuminga and other chips.It’s worth noting that in addition to Wiggins being a solid player, both Kminga and Wiseman could develop into All-Star stars in the future, providing a good foundation for the lakers to rebuild.Stephen Curry has only a few seasons left in the prime of his career.With Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and the rest of them, it will be even harder for the Warriors to win.Therefore, the Warriors can choose to re-introduce The big four at the end of their personal career peak, and truly complete the inferiority of the interior.As a result, the Warriors don’t have to carry an entire team as they do with the Lakers, which reduces the risk of injury.The offensive ability and defensive speed of The eyebrows and so on, with Curry, Klay are very perfect complement.