The national football team lineup is facing a big shuffle, five national players may take the initiative to retire, a number of new appointees

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With an average age of nearly 29, China lost to Vietnam, where most of its players were born after 1995. This is true, but it also reflects the inability of young Chinese players to take over.Niu Zhiming said that since the national football team failed to qualify for the World Cup again, the team will have to be completely reshuffled, especially the players born in the 1980s. He even named several famous players, such as Wang Shenchao, Zhang Linpeng, Wu Xi, Hao Junmin and Yu Dabao.In addition, players of the Mesozoic era, such as Dai Weijun, Zhang Yuning, Guo Tianyu, Fernando and Li Ke, are expected to directly become the core framework of the new National football team.In the impression, seems to have never taken the initiative to withdraw from the national football team.But it is a common situation in football, where current players, including Gerard Pique of Spain and Miros Kroos of Germany, want to concentrate on playing for Barcelona and Real Madrid while ceding their first team places to younger international players.For example, zheng Zhi, 42 years old, has never proposed to quit the national football team. If he were not the assistant coach of Li Xiaopeng, he would have played for the national football team in the round of 12.No matter who the future coach of The National football Team is, the use of younger players should be the trend, and it is inevitable.Therefore, it is reasonable not to recruit some post-80s national football players, not to rule out that some national football players are willing to not play the national football team, but may leave a good reputation of taking the initiative to step down.The first is Yu Dabao, 34, who has been out of the team and is still in the team, partly because of his influence and status, and partly because of his fluency in foreign languages and his ability to communicate with naturalized players.As a big brother, he is most likely to be the first to quit.The second is 35-year-old Hao Junmin. Without Li Xiaopeng’s coaching, he would not have returned to the first team, but he had been a substitute under Li Tie’s coaching.He is the most worldly player, otherwise he will stay in taishan team this season and win the double championship with the team, but he did not do so, but to help Wuhan team relegation and leave the team.So, he is also very likely to voluntarily withdraw from the team.The third is wu Xi, 33, who is unworthy of his position as captain of the National football team. After all, he does not show his style and ability as a captain.In fact, his technical characteristics and kicking methods are not suitable for the future needs of The National football team. If he has no skills, he may not be able to stand out in the fierce competition in the midfield, so it is very possible for him to quit.The fourth and fifth are 33-year-old Zhang Linpeng and 33-year-old Wang Shanchao. They hardly contribute to the assist end, and their contribution to defense is not very outstanding. Many players in THE Chinese Super League can completely replace them, and losing the main position is a big probability event.Injuries have also been a major problem for them, so not playing for China is good for prolonging their careers.At a rough count, it’s quite a lot.Among them, the offensive side, Zhang Yuning, Guo Tianyu is the most controversial, Yang Liyu, Tan Kaiyuan, Lin Liangming, Liu Ruovanv these talented players should also have a place.In midfield, in addition to Dai Weijun, Yan Dinghao as a modern midfield can not not have a chance, and there is the ability to stay abroad Duan Liu Yu.Gao Tianyi and Abraham were also outstanding in the Mesozoic era.The defensive end is also no lack of good hands, Tong Lei, Deng Hanwen progress is obvious, high precision wing should also occupy the main force of the National football team, Zhu Chenjie more without controversy, is the main force now.Jiang Shenglong, Wu Shaocong and other excellent central defenders.Goalkeeper is ren Jun’s choice of the situation, liu Shaoziyang, Guangzhou City han Jiaqi are not young door god.While it is hard to expect these players to be any better than the old internationals, they are at least dynamic and more malleable.So it’s predictable for them to take over.