Where is The Patriarch Mountain

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Shizu Mountain, a national AAA level scenic spot, is located in Xindian Town, southwest of Xinzheng City, Zhengzhou city, covering an area of about 12 square kilometers.Here beautiful scenery, picturesque, yellow Emperor cultural relics all over the mountains.The main peak of the first ancestor mountain is the wind ridge, it is 793 meters above sea level, the relative height of 540 meters, from afar, like a statue of the Yellow Emperor, tall and straight, eyebrows, wei Wei spectacular, awe.In July 2000, henan Provincial people’s government announced xuanyuan Temple and other scenic spots on the top of the mountain as provincial key cultural relics protection units, in 2001, announced as the Patriotic education base of the National Overseas Chinese Federation, in 2005 was approved as a national forest park.The main scenic spots here are: fenghouling, Camel kiln village, Shizu Mountain Xuanyuan Ge and so on.So, where is The Ancestral Mountain?Shizu Mountain is located in Xindian town, southwest of Xinzheng city, Zhengzhou city.Xindian Town, affiliated to Xinzheng City of Henan Province, is located in the west of Xinzheng city, with a total area of 86 square kilometers.Its name comes from the Qing Dynasty xin set up shop here.It is located in the south of the Yellow River, the terrain is high in the west and low in the east, mostly plain. The river within the territory belongs to the Huaihe River basin, and the Jishui River flows through the southwest of the town from west to southeast and enters the guanyin Temple.Xindian town agriculture mainly planting industry, the main cash crops are apples, pears, grapes, peaches and so on, annual output of fruit more than ten thousand tons.In September 2021, it was selected as one of the “2021 Top 1,000 Towns in China”.In Xindian town, in addition to the main scenic spots of Shizu Mountain, there are ouyang Xiu Cemetery, Bai Juyi Cultural Park, Xuanyuan Ge and other major scenic spots.Ouyang Xiu Cemetery is located in Ouyang Temple Village, Xindian Town, west of Xinzheng City, Henan Province.Here is a beautiful environment, north according to gang Fu, hilly, south gully, gurgling streams.In the mausoleum lies Ouyang Xiu, one of the famous “eight masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties”, his wife and descendants.It covers an area of about ten thousand square meters, the overall layout of the south, the building for the wooden structure of song style.It is mainly composed of gate, middle hall, main hall, east and west side hall and tomb.On May 25, 2006, The State Council announced it as the national key cultural relic protection unit.The whole cemetery is solemn and tasteful, attracting countless celebrities to hang offerings and pay homage.Bai Juyi Cultural Park, located in Xindian Town, Xinzheng city, Henan Province, is where bai Juyi, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty, was born.Bai Juyi Cultural Park is a key cultural project in Zhengzhou. In order to promote Bai Juyi’s culture and traditional culture, in 2013, relying on the rich cultural resources of Bai Juyi’s hometown, it was built in accordance with AAAA level as a heavily immersive Datang Elegance experience Park, covering an area of 210 mu.In the park, there are bai Juyi Memorial Hall, Bai Juyi Family training and family style Hall, Biwa Lake, Lotte Square and Cultural Street and other famous landscapes.Xuanyuan Pavilion, located in the west of xinzheng city, Henan Province, Xidian town shizu Mountain scenic area.It is a four-story pavilion, red walls and green tiles, carved beams and huadong, pick corner cornices, majestic solemn.Boarding the pavilion, look around, feel relaxed and happy.To the west, peaks ridge ridge waves, mountains mountains;To the north, the boundless green plain, the Yellow River into the sky;To the east, the reservoir looks like a mirror silver flash, water flowing deep pools.