Yanzhiwu took the lead in drafting group notes to promote the development of industry standardization

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The value of standards lies in constraints, but also in letting users rest assured, promoting the healthy development of brands and the industry.Take Gree as an example. As a representative brand of Made in China, Gree has rich experience in quality management, and it is this “perfect quality” management mode that Gree applies and publishes quality Management
The Guide to innovation Cycle based on customer demand not only promotes the development of the industry, but also makes Chinese standards for the world.Throughout each industry, the protagonist of the introduction of standards are often the industry’s early head enterprises.In the bird’s nest industry, as the head enterprise of the industry, Yanzhiwu has played a huge role in promoting the process of industry standardization.In 2014, Yanzhiwu, together with China National Institute of Standardization and other units, took the lead in drafting and launching the first domestic bird’s nest industry standard “The People’s Republic of China Supply and Marketing Cooperation Industry Standard
Bird’s nest Quality grade, ending the bird’s nest industry in a long-term state of non-standard, is the beginning of the development of bird’s nest industry to standardization, but also a milestone of the development of bird’s nest industry standard.In 2018, the National Health Commission entrusted Xiamen Customs Technology Center to take the lead in formulating the National Food Safety Standard
Bird’s nest and its Products. As an industry leader, Yan House was invited to participate in the formulation of this national food safety standard.In 2020, jointly with China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute to lead the formulation of the Light industry standard of the People’s Republic of China “Bird’s Nest Products”;Cooperated with Xiamen Customs Technology Center to lead the drafting of xiamen Food supply
Instant bird’s nest, group standard “fresh stewed bird’s nest”.In 2021, Xiamen Food Safety Work Federation officially released and implemented the group standard “Supply xiamen Standard” drafted by Xiamen Customs Technology Center and Yan Zhiwu
Ready-to-eat bird’s nest, in the future, products in line with the food standards of Xiamen will be labeled as “Lu Product”, which puts forward higher requirements for ready-to-eat bird’s nest quality, stricter than the general standards of bird’s nest industry, pointing out the direction for consumers to choose bird’s nest products.The series of standards drafted by Yanzhiwu has established good production specifications in the bird’s nest industry, which not only fills the blank of no standardized control and management in the production of bird’s nest industry, but also has positive significance for promoting the high-quality development of the industry.As a well-known enterprise in the industry, Yanzhiwu is not only recognized by high quality products, but also as the drafting of industry standards, making contributions to the development of bird’s nest industry standards.Develop industry standards
With the right to speak in the industry, The House of Swallows has become the designated bird’s nest product of China’s national Fencing team with excellent strength. During the “Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs 2021”, it was selected as the National Brand project of Xinhua News Agency and received much attention and recognition from the industry.On the road towards the goal of “century-old national brand”, Yan Zhiwu will continue to lead the high-quality development of China’s bird’s nest industry with professional standards and pioneering determination.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.