One thousand ninety-eight yuan to get a ticket to dachang?There are no shortcuts to finding a job

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Recently, The Beijing News exposed some chaotic situation in the field of job hunting private education: “With a small white attack” and “hand in hand to help you enter a big factory”, all kinds of attractive advertisements let young people seem to see the opportunity to enter the factory, but after paying hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan, the job hunting private education often shows the prototype, the effect is far from imagined as successful.The so-called job – seeking private education, many are just under the guise of black-hearted businesses.These merchants are masters of gimmicks and anxiety peddlers.For example, “you can get a ticket to dachang for 1,998 yuan”, which greatly stimulates the nerves of job seekers.In the job seekers’ eyes, compared with the high salary after entering the “big factory”, the investment of one thousand or two thousand yuan seems to be nothing.But the personal coaching didn’t teach students anything, and in the words of some job seekers, they learned “nothing but interview skills and the operational procedures of project planning.”Interview skills, professional skills, are the premise of job seekers to find a good job, but also in the internship should be gradually familiar with and master the content.Those under the guise of job hunting private business, there is no distinctive “secret”, job seekers can get from them, more psychological comfort and spiritual encouragement.This is just like many people who sign up for training classes in order to pass the exam. They may not learn anything from the training classes, but as long as they sign up for the classes, they will feel “guided by someone” and feel reassured.Some businesses are taking advantage of this psychology of job seekers, sensing their job search anxiety, and dare to charge them high fees.The reason why job hunting private education is not effective is that practitioners themselves are not high level, most of them rely on the false packaging to attract fans.According to the job seeker, some personal trainers are not rich in work experience, and may not really understand dachang, or even have no experience leading a team: “I went to the broadcast studio to listen to it once, and found that what he talked about sounded very reasonable. However, what he talked about in real practice was not very solid, but he could scare some ‘little white’.”It can be seen that the clients targeted by these personal trainers are probably not those with rich work experience, but those who are eager for “big factories” but do not understand the details.Some businesses are cashing in on their inexperience and anxiety, while job seekers are failing to acquire the skills.”Dachang” may not be suitable for all job seekers, those who are eager to enter “Dachang” should not place their hopes on training institutions or job hunting private tutors.No one can guarantee that a job seeker will “get the ticket” or “get the ticket.” The real factor that determines one’s fate is oneself.Instead of cramming at the end of job-hunting season for a messy personal trainer, look for internships while you’re still in school to gain experience.If you want to eat fat, I am afraid that it is difficult to meet the requirements of the “big factory”, even if it is not for entering the “big factory”, increase the daily work experience, but also conducive to employment, find other desirable work.Nowadays employment pressure is very big, job seekers can not be overly affected by the anxiety of public opinion field, do not need to compare with others, must go to “big factory” to work.Only by starting from their own needs and abilities can they find a truly suitable career development path.(The original title of “1998 Yuan can get the” Dachang “ticket? There is no shortcut to find a job” by Huang Shuai from China Youth Daily client)