People “numb”!My parents took my resume to a blind date

2022-06-15 0 By

Are you dating anyone?Why haven’t you looked?When do you need it?The Spring Festival is coming, and the older youth want to go home when they are worried, but they are afraid of being urged to get married. For single friends, going to blind date during the festival has become the norm for many people. I believe you have seen many news about blind date.Lunar New Year holiday nearly many children parents began to set out to arrange “matchmaking agency” resume “when children by their parents to matchmaking corner hemp” topic recently was hang out in guangzhou tianhe park matchmaking corner filled with worries about the children of parents with a simple dating from before information into their children’s resumes various identity information greeted “parents are engaged inWhat kind of work?””Is the institution organized or unorganized?””Did he buy it himself or did his parents buy it for him?”Parents to continually ask questions are “real” corresponds to almost entirely to root in the city safe are the foundation of the media through the interview found that many young people do not know your resume is on the matchmaking corner some parents know their children don’t agree to mutually close or hide from children to matchmaking corner quietly but there are also parents agree with most of the young people interviewed in advance after the childrenIf they can make friends with their parents on the basis of mutual communication and respect, they can accept blind date. Netizens have different attitudes towards blind date. Some netizens say,Many parents just want their children to be accompanied and cared for by their significant other without any malice. Have your parents ever arranged a blind date for you?Do they discuss it with you beforehand?Comprehensive: CCTV network, N video, if there is infringement please contact this public number.