Warmth/Face to face without meeting, ICU opens a variety of “cloud visitation” modes

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“Are you better, ma ‘am?”Aunt Huang (pseudonym), who had been in a coma for several days, could not stop her tears as she heard the words of encouragement and comfort from her family.In the past, family visits were restricted only at certain times in intensive care units (ICU), where critically ill patients were concentrated.Since the COVID-19 outbreak, “limited time” and “restricted access” visits have also been cancelled.Outside the closed gate of ICU is the care and anxiety that cannot be seen, while behind the gate is the hope for life of each critically ill patient.There are always more ways than difficulties. ICU of Panyu District Central Hospital uses wechat video, Jianling visitation system, mobile TV, Bluetooth speaker and other carriers to build a diversified cloud visitation mode, and comprehensively establish a barrier-free communication bridge between medical staff, patients and their families.”Our biggest goal is to reassure the families.They waited outside the ward, feeling anxious, anxious, especially to know how the patient’s condition.”It is a great comfort for patients and their families to be able to see their faces and smiles even though they cannot speak.”The ICU duty nurse mentioned.Wechat video:See screen to meet such as ICU specially equipped with a working phone, creating exclusive WeChat ID, add exclusive WeChat ICU admission of patients’ families, online video time agreement with medical staff, medical staff will regularly online “live” patients in the hospital, the patient and family to realize online meet, break the time limit of the space, let patients visit more convenient more humane,Family members see each other on screen.Health visitation system: The link between patients and their families mobile phone wechat video is convenient, but only one work phone can not meet the needs of multiple patients visiting at the same time, ICU also has another magic visitation system to help!As early as July 2021, the ICU began using the Jianling Visitation system, which is easy to operate. Family members only need to follow the “Jianling Cloud Intelligence Service platform” on wechat to schedule visits with doctors and open the visitation system for video visits.In addition to these two visitation methods, the ICU uses mobile TVS and recording pens to convey warmth to alleviate loneliness and anxiety caused by the unfamiliar, high-pressure ICU environment and patients’ medical conditions.The ICU is equipped with LCD televisions that can be moved and connected to the Internet. Family members can record videos for medical staff to play to patients on mobile TVS. In their spare time, medical staff in the ICU can also play TV programs and music to relieve patients’ anxiety.It is still the epidemic prevention and control period, and nurses contact us once a day for video visits, which is a comfort to my mother, and we, as family members, also feel relieved at home.The diversified “cloud visitation” mode reflects the ingenuity and love of ICU medical staff, enabling patients to “accompany” and “reunite” with their family members without contact, communicate with doctors without obstruction, and transmit love across screens, which has won unanimous praise from patients and their families.Source | panyu central hospital medical group in intensive medicine 2 Pan Zhiyi Huang Wenyi Chen Zhenshen