What logic did Cadillac use to bet on Gu?

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There is no doubt that Gu Ailing has been the most popular athlete during the Beijing Winter Olympics.On social media, topics about her always quickly attract attention;Her expression, a word, will attract a flood of praise.In the heated discussion, Gu’s commercial value is also increasing, and some people even predicted that Gu, who already had 23 endorsements before winning the gold medal, may set a record for winter Olympic athletes after the Olympics.But in any case, as a hot new star to rob the head, Gu Ailing in the car brand in the only endorsement brand Cadillac, has grabbed the first opportunity.In September 2021, Just after Gu turned 18 years old, Cadillac announced that Gu would become the spokesperson of the brand. In the official announcement, It said that Gu, who has the courage to break through and pursue the spirit of perfection, has something in common with Cadillac’s brand concept that “all greatness comes from a brave beginning”.In the wake of Gu’s popularity at the Olympics, Cadillac’s exposure increased so much that some say the company’s gambling endorsement deal worked.But is Cadillac really betting on aline to shine at the Beijing Olympics?Not really.Generally speaking, the consideration for automobile brands to choose sports athletes’ spokesmen comes from the spiritual temperament of the spokesmen, the achievements and honors of the spokesmen, and the mass influence of the spokesmen.Indeed, before the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing was already a well-known athlete in snow circles, but far from being widely recognized.From this logic, the fundamental reason for Cadillac to choose Gu Is that Gu’s spiritual temperament is consistent with Cadillac’s brand characteristics.As it turned out, Cadillac’s logic was right, and Gu exemplified the brand spirit Cadillac wanted to represent with her performance on and off the court.In arena, for example, on February 8, the title of a blockbuster, GuAiLing himself said: “1620 is made, I have never been my mother all hope that I use to keep 1440 silver, can let me have a winter games is not to defeat others, I want to break your own boundaries and do some things haven’t thought of before, I want to slip into his best.”Then Gu succeeded.This is consistent with Cadillac’s philosophy.The brand concept of Cadillac believes that “all greatness comes from the brave beginning”, which is also based on this, Cadillac will never stop, even if it fails, it will carry out brand innovation and product innovation, so as to keep the brand vitality for a long time.A famous scriptwriter once said, “As long as you start bravely, the result is no longer as important as a gift.”I couldn’t agree more.When Gu Ailing chose 1620, when Cadillac chose another start, in fact, it represents a spirit, a higher, faster, stronger spirit, which is the Olympic spirit, and should be the spirit of every brand.On the court, gu’s empathy is also part of Cadillac’s hope.After the news conference, Gu was asked a question about figure skater Zhu Yi, and her answer was amazing:”You only see her mistakes, but there are so many mistakes in figure skating, and many people can’t imagine how difficult the ice sport is, they have to wear skates, but also jump, landing or hard ground, this is much more dangerous than snow sports, I dare not try again.Why do you scold her?”Some people say that Gu Has a high eq, but the root of her high EQ lies in her ability to empathize. She can put herself in The role of Zhu Yi and does not comment on herself from the perspective of onlookers, which is a cultivation of being willing to make progress together with others.That kind of culture and empathy doesn’t come with an Olympic gold medal.It’s gu’s ability that has led Cadillac to sign an endorsement deal with her, as the company has repeatedly said it wants to build deep empathy and emotional resonance with its users.Of course, Gu Can do it herself, as for the Olympic gold medal, really is no longer important.So there are a lot of reasons why Cadillac chose Gu, and betting on her winning an Olympic gold medal is only a small part of it. But gu’s already revealed temperament is the logic behind Cadillac’s choice.”The most important thing is love.As long as I love this thing, I don’t feel bored, nor do I feel tired.I love skiing so much that I made it my career, and I love fashion so much that I made it my career.”Gu kept saying.Focus and love is the secret of success for a person and a brand.Cadillac not only wants to be such a focused love brand, but it is becoming a focused love brand.It can be said that Cadillac has gained a lot from Gu’s popularity. It is definitely not a simple gamble on Gu’s “Olympic champion” identity, but a careful consideration of the brand spirit itself and the spiritual brand of its spokesperson.This is worth pondering for other brands., for the moment, almost all of the brands, when choosing representative can choose already get results of the athletes, or is already famous film stars, whether in line with the brand features, seems far less important than traffic, but the result is hard to get to expand the brand influence, it is hard to give consumers a further cognition to the brand concept.Far do not say, say last year a car brand great invitation Zhou Xun as a global spokesperson, have the effect?It’s obvious.A netizen explained it well: “Actually, zhou Xun is not good enough.What zhou Xun is, is a genius, is independent, personality, is the ceiling of performance;This brand is to be a national car, personal tone and brand tone is incompatible, how can cause fans like it?”A little biased, but very much to the point.Another example is that an automobile brand invited Su Bingtian as its spokesperson, blindly emphasizing Su’s running speed and forcing it to match the dynamic performance of Yingbao, but Su’s fans don’t buy it at all. Why?Su bingtian broke the 100-meter record of the Yellow race again and again, which is derived from his love for running and his dedication to improving the upward strength of the nation. Unfortunately, the brand did not dig out this point.One and another fresh example reflects the independent brand in the selection of spokesmen eager for quick success and instant benefits, always thinking about eating ready-made spokesmen flow, such spokesmen in the brand, more useless in the market.From this point of view, Cadillac’s success in choosing Gu Ailing can at least give independent brands two inspirations: one is to dig deeply into the spiritual temperament of spokespersons, and honor and achievement can only be regarded as additional points;Second, to have a deeper understanding of their own brand concept, in order to find the most consistent with their brand spokesperson.As Gu says: “I didn’t ski to win an Olympic medal. I didn’t study to get into Stanford. I did it because I liked winning and winning made me like doing it even more.”The car brand wins, should also be so.Article | water Simon