70 Years on the throne, Elizabeth II’s ‘Lifelong Career’

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her platinum jubilee on Sunday.Seven decades on, from 1952 to 2022, she has become Britain’s oldest and longest-reigning monarch, and is regarded by many as not just a witness to history, but a living history book.Launched in 2021 the book of queen Elizabeth ii: journey, the famous British royal biographer Robert halderman recorded the political career of the queen as the world’s great men, in the preface, the author writes: “there are a lot of people in the world, to a no immediate, history, or genetic relationship with yourself can feel a sense of connection.The notion that Queen Elizabeth II is “Queen of the world” may seem patronizing (or even un-British) to some low-key British subjects.However, the idea did not originate in The UK, but from countless conversations and observations around the world.It has met no resistance abroad.Its acceptance is so broad and deep, yet completely predictable.Elizabeth was born in London on April 21, 1926. She was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York (future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth).In 1937, Edward VIII abdicated the throne, which allowed his 41-year-old brother Prince Albert, Elizabeth’s father, to be unexpectedly crowned King George VI in 1937.Elizabeth naturally became the “heir apparent” and was groomed as crown prince.Elizabeth and her sister Marigot at their parents’ coronation on May 12, 1937.In 1947, Britain’s Princess Elizabeth visited South Africa.”I declare before all of you that my life, whether it be long or short, will be dedicated to you, in the service of our Great Imperial family, to which we all belong.”In 1947, Princess Elizabeth II took the Commonwealth oath during a visit to South Africa at age 21.On February 6, 1952, Elizabeth met With King George VI during a visit to Kenya. She subsequently became monarch of the United Kingdom and accordingly Queen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, crowned on June 2, 1953.For most Britons, More than any other monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II has left her own legacy by leading the country and the monarchy through unprecedented demographic, social and technological change.On a global scale, however, her legacy takes many forms.She has been an old friend to some countries.To the rest of the world, she is the honest face of reconciliation.For much of the British Empire, however, she served as a bridge in the long and unmistakable transition from conquest to self-government to independence.The vast majority of former colonies chose to stay and remain loyal members of the Commonwealth in large part because of her.It is partly to her credit that the Commonwealth has survived intact and gone on to do great things.Apart from Britain, the Commonwealth currently has 52 members.Spread across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific, these countries have a combined population of about 2.5 billion, almost a third of the earth’s population.Queen Elizabeth II is said to have visited 110 countries, with the Queen making more trips to Canada than any other country in the world.She has visited Canada 27 times since her coronation in 1953, but she has never visited Greece.1965 marked the 20th anniversary of the end of World War II.Queen Elizabeth II has arrived in West Germany for a 10-day state visit that marks reconciliation between wartime foes Britain and Germany and is seen as a recognition of Germany’s renewed emergence as a power in Europe and the international community.It was the first official visit to West Germany by a British monarch since 1913.On May 4, 1975, Queen Elizabeth II made her first visit to Hong Kong, the first by a reigning British monarch.The Queen arrived at Kai Tak Airport by royal Jet on the afternoon of May 4.Hong Kong authorities have lifted a ban on fireworks for the Queen’s visit.During her visit, the Queen was treated to a fireworks display, a float parade and an entrance to the Happy Valley Racecourse to watch the Queen’s Cup, after which she presented prizes to the winning riders.On April 17, 1982, Queen Elizabeth II formally signed a bill in Canada, transferring the right to amend the Canadian Constitution from the British Parliament to the Canadian Parliament, thus ending the special constitutional relationship between Canada and the United Kingdom.After Canada, On March 2, 1986, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom went to Australia to sign the Australia Act, making Australian law independent of the British Parliament and courts.In 1977, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 25th anniversary on the throne, also known as the Silver Jubilee.Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip wave from an open car during their Silver Jubilee Tour to Fiji in February 1977.During The reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the number of countries with her as head of state has increased and decreased.At present, in addition to the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and, grenada, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Papua New Guinea, Solomon islands, tuvalu, saint Lucia, saint Vincent and the grenadines, Belize, antigua and barbuda, saint kitts and nevis 11 countries such as the monarch to the nation.The rest had been republics, with new heads of state.Every two years, the leaders of all member states meet at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to discuss international affairs and work together on policy.All commonwealth members have an equal say, no matter how big or small they are or how strong or weak their economies are.October 16, 1985, Nassau, Bahamas.Leaders from 46 countries are gathering for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.On May 17, 2011, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Ireland at the invitation of then Irish President Mary McAleese.It was the first time she had crossed the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland and set foot on Irish soil as British head of state.It was also the first visit to Ireland by a British monarch in 100 years.During her visit to Ireland, the Queen paid tribute to the victims of anglo-Irish historical entanglements and expressed her deep sympathy.That visit was widely hailed as the beginning of a new era of melting historical ice and amicable relations between Britain and Ireland.On October 13, 1986, Queen Elizabeth II visited China with Prince Philip. She was the first British monarch to visit the country.During her visit to China, the Queen climbed the Great Wall.After Beijing, he visited Shanghai, Xi ‘an, Kunming and Guangzhou before heading to Hong Kong.The royal couple in the Great Wall in 1986, queen Elizabeth ii to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors in xi ‘an in 1991, after the league victory in the gulf war, the queen’s visit to the United States for 13 days, this is her first visit to the United States since 1976, in the meantime, addressed a joint meeting of congress in the United States became the first British monarch of address to a joint session of congress.It is worth noting that, as a “living history”, the Queen has met with 13 US presidents since she ascended to the throne in 1953.President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle present an iPod to Queen Elizabeth II as they are entertained by the queen ahead of the 2009 G20 summit, July 13, 2018.Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has met with then-PRESIDENT Donald Trump and first Lady Melania Trump at Windsor Castle. It was the first time Trump visited the queen during his term in office, and Trump called her “an incredible woman.”Queen Elizabeth II is rarely mentioned as a “wife,” “mother,” or “grandmother.”And it’s these identities that allow people to see another side of her.On July 9, 1947, Elizabeth publicly announced her engagement to Prince Philip of Greece, whom she had met by chance in 1939.On November 20, the wedding bells tolled at Westminster Abbey.Philip was made Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merionius and Baron of Greenwich by his father-in-law, King George VI.Seventy-four years later, Philip and the Queen have four children, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.Elizabeth and Philip were married on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey.A few years later, Philip became “the man behind the Queen.”On July 29, 1981, Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, married Princess Diana in what was billed as the wedding of the century.The royal family poses for a family portrait during the wedding of Charles and Diana on July 29, 1981.Thousands of flowers have been laid in tribute to Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997.The queen’s initial response was criticized, but her attitude changed significantly, and tensions between the royal family and the public subsided over time.Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip walk past public tributes to Princess Diana September 6, 1997 2002 was a bittersweet year for the Queen.It was the 50th anniversary of her accession to the throne, and she became the first monarch in British history to celebrate a Golden Jubilee since Queen Victoria.Meanwhile, her mother, the Queen Mother, and her sister, Princess Margaret, both died that year, overshadowing the Golden Jubilee.As part of her Golden Jubilee celebrations, queen Elizabeth ii travelled more than 40,000 miles overseas that year, visiting the Caribbean islands, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as 70 cities and 50 counties in Britain.The Queen celebrated her golden jubilee in 2002 with Prince Philip by her side.As part of the celebrations, the Queen rode in the Golden State Carriage.Britain’s Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s eldest son Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton attend their wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.The Queen at the Royal family photo.Queen Elizabeth II wears a stone gray suit to celebrate her 90th birthday in September 2016.Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II poses for a royal photograph after Prince Harry’s wedding to US actress Meghan Markle on May 18, 2018.In 2020, Harry and Meghan renounced their role as senior members of the Royal Family to represent the royal family and the Queen on official royal duties.His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, said Harry was her grandson and the blood of the British royal family at all times.Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip look at homemade wedding anniversary cards from their great-grandchildren in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle on November 17, 2020. It was the last wedding anniversary Prince Philip spent with the Queen before his death.Prince Philip died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. His funeral took place on April 17.The Queen sat alone in the corner of the church in compliance with quarantine rules.On February 6, the Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth.A commemorative book, THE QUEEN: 70 GLORIOUS YEARS, has been released to celebrate THE QUEEN’s platinum jubilee.The books reveal the Queen’s love of family, her love of animals, her keen sense of humour and her strong belief in the Commonwealth.