Defender to Shanxi!Zeng li helped Sichuan team win the championship, so that Liaoning fans break defense!

2022-06-16 0 By

At present, the CBA league is in the second window of this season, the teams in addition to early practice, actively prepare for the third phase of the regular season, but also trying to strengthen the squad.The Beijing Ducks released forward Zhou Yixiang, North Kong added former NBL All-Star GAME MVP Li Qingxiang, and Guangdong Hongyuan registered guard Tang Jie.Yesterday, the Shanxi team also released the news, with forward Zhang Chunjun signed a year and a half of the contract.Zhang started out as a college player and later played for Zhejiang in the CBA.Early in his career, Zhang didn’t shine much, but was an unsung role player who focused on defense and three-point shooting.However, Zhang chunjun’s experience also helped him become a very good 3D player, which can be called “Domestic Battier”.Later, Zhang went to the NBL league to play and returned to the CBA to join Sichuan.In 2016, Zhang helped Sichuan reach the CBA finals, beating Liaoning to claim the championship.Liaoning fans always think their team is very strong, but beating Sichuan is like pinching an ant to death, but they have no strength to fight back.Through this year’s CBA finals, Zhang made a name for himself.In the off-season that summer, many Liaoning fans said That Zhang chunjun was from Liaoning, because they used to recognize the best players as their own.Zhang Chunjun, annoyed by the online rumors, directly declared that he was from Tianjin, not Liaoning, and punched the liaoning fans in the face.Nowadays, zhang chunjun is getting older and his competitive condition is declining. He has not performed well in shandong And Shanghai Teams, and once he switched to the three-man basketball league.Now Zhang Chunjun joined Shanxi Team, which is also the last attempt for his career, bless him!