Happy and peaceful Chinese New Year, Watch the tiger, enjoy the feast online and offline

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People buy Chinese New Year goods such as couplets and lanterns at a farmers’ market in Lintong district of Xi ‘an, capital of north China’s Shaanxi Province, Jan. 31, 2018.Reporter Dong Jiannan took the fireworks in the world, when the flavor of the Year gradually thick.The Year of the Tiger has arrived, with bursts of spring and full of hope.More than 1,000 online and offline cultural travel activities in Our province have created a strong flavor for the Spring Festival and decorated the holiday life of the masses with a rich cultural and artistic atmosphere.Stroll the streets of Xi ‘an, Datang Never Sleeps City, Datang Lotus Garden, Xi ‘an City Wall…”Dragon flying phoenix dance yao Chang ‘an” “Ten thousand happy welcome Chang ‘an” and other 37 groups of colorful streamers, to create chang ‘an still festive atmosphere.The lanterns not only lit up the ancient city, but also showed that the land of Sanqin was reopening with full vigor to welcome the New Year.Tiger year, tiger tiger alive.In the year of The Tiger, it is a good choice to go to the museum to watch the tiger.The gold of the Warring States period in the Xi ‘an Museum is charming.Xi ‘an Forest of Steles Museum is hidden “a brush tiger”, this painting written by Ma Dezhao “hu” is vigorous, smooth and lively.In addition, xi ‘an Forest of Stele Museum also has many stone tiger, waiting for everyone to explore the treasure.Shaanxi History Museum has launched an online exhibition titled “See Tiger Symbols in the Year of tiger — Du Tiger Symbols exhibition of shaanxi National Treasures series”.Look at the ancient tiger, but also to see the real tiger alive.People visit the Qinling Wildlife Park in Xi ‘an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, Jan. 31, 2019.In tiger house Tiger Hill, dozens of majestic tigers, become the biggest attraction of the Zoo during the Spring Festival.For the Shaanxi township party, the New Year to see the opera, is an essential program.From the first day of the first lunar month to the 15th day of the first lunar month, the online exhibition of “Spring Festival Drama Broadcast” will be launched on the official wechat account of Shaanxi Opera Research Institute every day for 15 consecutive days, including the red classic “The Red Detachment of Women”, the traditional classic “Zhou Ren Hui Fu” and “Five Women’s Birthday greetings”.With the “Xijing trilogy”, “Late Rose”, “The Tree Moving west”, “Xijing Story” as the representative of the realistic theme of fine plays, as well as “Pride in Love with Yang”, “Kansai Master”, “Li Shisan” and other excellent new plays in recent years, let you enjoy the full play.The flavor of The New Year is still in the cultural customs and intangible cultural heritage culture.In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, the authentic and lively intangible cultural heritage folk performance comes by “cloud” and shines brilliantly in the cloud.Fengxiang clay sculpture, cotton wool painting, paper cutting and other fingertip arts have become cultural and practical products through the creative design of the inheriting people of the new generation.During the Spring Festival, four representative works of non-genetic inheritor Xian Hui, including his cotton wool painting “Cuddering tiger welcomes Spring”, were released online as digital cultural and creative collections to the public.Yijun paper-cut, farmer’s painting inheriting Guo Hua to the tiger as the theme, cut out “rich tiger”, “Happy New Year tiger”, “safe tiger”, “reunion tiger”, “blessing tiger” and other “tiger alive” paper-cut works, xinhua net, for everyone to send the Year of the tiger New Year wishes.Folk performance integrates the current life, the style of The Times, sustains the yearning for a better life.During the Spring Festival, a large-scale cultural travel activity will be held with the theme of “Fuhu Kaiyun Hancheng Year” at hancheng Ancient City Shiji Cultural Block.”Kaesong Courtesy” activities, Chinese New Year blessing, civil and military Champion competition, and various artistic performances were wonderful;Visitors can also experience the craft of Hancheng printing by making charge at Chenghuang Temple.The market activities, a variety of cultural creations, ornaments and other dazzling, dizzying.Dangjiacun Scenic spot, Sima Qian Shrine scenic spot and Ruiguo Ruins Museum in Liangdai Village hold various forms and rich connotations of artistic performances, cultural exhibitions, and intangible cultural heritage year customs activities to bring wonderful cultural travel feast of the Spring Festival to tourists.(Reporter Li Wei)