I am very selfish, also narrow-minded, but they often do not know, but also think their generous

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I am very selfish, is a very selfish person, but often think that they are reasonable, think that they do very right.In fact, a selfish person, often do not know their own selfish, often inadvertently for their own consideration of hurting others, but often do not think they are wrong, and covered with reason.For a long time, people are estranged from him, traitor, relatives and friends are far away from him, but still wonder why this is?Sometimes I also think that I am doing everything carefully, afraid of hurting every ant and every dust, but why do everyone hide so far away from me?What did he do wrong to create this situation?Not everyone is wrong, is their own wrong, look at this situation seems to be their own fault, but also do not know where the fault is.Sometimes really want to fan myself two slap, and clearly he was wrong, because everyone is far from you, alienated from you means that you made a mistake, and also justify here, still think you right, reason, this is the selfish people, often don’t know oneself is wrong, I don’t know he is selfish, and think that everyone else is wrong, the truth, not everyone can understand,Luo Li bothersome said these, finally I wish everyone a happy New Year, all the best!