Next week, the market or full start

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Shanghai – The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened higher on Friday (February 25), after a strong consolidation.Growth track once again active, medicine, medical care set off a trading tide, capital admission signs are more obvious.Foreign investment swept up about 6.3 billion yuan of goods.Banks, construction adjustment, hedging concept across the board.Ning Wang up more than 4%, gem up more than 2%, the market continues to build bottom grinding bottom.01 disk overview: blunt high fall, strong consolidation of the United States low open high, stunning reversal.Affected by this, A shares three major stock index collective high open, do A little finishing quickly attack.10.15 points after the stock index found intraday highs, in the short – term profits under pressure to turn a concussion down, the center of gravity by wave.But the quantity can shrink, retracement can be controlled.14 stop falling before and after, into horizontal finishing.End of the tail, or slightly expanded.At the end of the day, the Shanghai Composite index rose 0.63%, the Shenzhen Component Index and gem index rose 1.21% and 2.58% respectively, and the KEChuang 50 index rose 2.13%.The two cities combined transaction 1018.8 billion, compared with the previous trading day (1.36 trillion) significantly contracted more than 300 billion.Overall, the two cities showed consolidation trend, long clearly control the market.To be frank, I am not surprised by today’s trend, because: In the comments on Tuesday, I clearly pointed out that the decline is the main fund to suppress the fund-raising activities, and in the comments on yesterday, I said that Thursday’s decline is the same as Tuesday’s nature.The committee and the periphery of the conflict quickly resolved, superimposed on the reversal of the US stock market, today’s strong rebound is natural.On the sector board, 44 out of 56 industry groups rose while 12 fell, with healthcare up 4.20%, followed by power, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment and warehousing and logistics.Coal, oil, shipping, military aerospace and gas heating led the two markets down.The pattern is stark: growth tracks are active again, while conflict-related safe-haven sectors, such as precious metals, oil, and natural gas, are retreating across the board.This means that the market has almost fully priced out the periphery of the negative, and even interpret the negative into a positive tendency.The rationale is simple: conflict raises uncertainty about the economic recovery in Europe and the US, and thus disrupts liquidity tightening in the US and Europe.In other words, the future tightening of liquidity in Europe and the US may be less than the market expects.Stocks rose or fell than individual stocks, up 3383 stocks, down 1189, up 75, down 6, up between 5%~ limit 153, the median rise of the two cities of 0.80%, the market to make money quickly rebound, investment sentiment is stable.It is worth special explanation that Ning Wang rose 4.21%, K line combination bottom building bottom grinding situation is quite clear.03 a signal landing, foreign capital swept goods 6.385 billion, reverse repurchase market 300 billion assists today, the disk appeared a signal worth special mention: that is, domestic and foreign resonance buying.Previously, domestic public offering and foreign capital have been “buy and sell”, rarely synchronous net selling and net buying.Today, northbound funds bought a net 6.385 billion yuan, among which Shanghai stock connect net bought 3.323 billion yuan, Shenzhen stock connect net bought 306.2 billion yuan.Main funds throughout the day dimension net sold 506 million, its investment strategy gradually turned optimistic.That is to say, the stage of the market to do more power or consensus has been reached, and in the direction of the probability of consensus.On the other hand, the open market also continued to provide strong support, today’s reverse repurchase 300 billion, today’s maturity 10 billion, 290 billion net placement.Stretching out a bit, from Tuesday to Friday (today), a net $760 billion was put into the reverse repurchase market.A Share 04 Technically:Trend has not changed, drop-off wash dish, the market next week or full swing open the Shanghai index higher high rushed back, afternoon shock consolidation, day K line to hammer the K line, but the overall range remains at a third yesterday cloudy K line entity, this means that yesterday has big one-day drop behavior probability is terminated, the market into horizontal finishing, and looking upward breakthrough probability is increased.In terms of morphology, the box body pattern formed in the last 8 trading days has not changed, and the large cycle still belongs to bottom building and bottom grinding.30 minutes K line cycle, there are downward fill requirements (noon judgment said that the afternoon may fill, I am still too impatient), week K line is bottom up.Comprehensive conclusion, the Shanghai stock market next week or down or pull up again, is expected to fully start to meet the meeting.Gem high open high go, box is still, MACD gold fork upward, close up the 20-day average, next week or homeward high open, conquer the 20-day average after the shock up.Comprehensive analysis: sentiment warmer;Overseas adverse digestion;Technically, there is inertia dip in short period, but the property of large period foundation grinding remains unchanged.Superposition important meeting is about to be held, next week market or exceed expectations!(This article is a sort of traceability investment ideas and thinking, does not constitute investment advice, only for reference) I am traceability to one, minimalist investment practitioner!