What if I can’t find the lock key?

2022-06-16 0 By

Like this situation we often encounter in our daily life, don’t panic first, think about where it is possible to fall or put in what clothes, return to the most likely lost place carefully look for.If you can’t find it, check out the following tips to help you out.1. Find a lock picking company: The simplest way is to find a lock picking master to help solve it.The proposal still looks for a professional unlock master to come up to help had better, must look for the sort of had prepared a case in public security bureau, so more steady, do not go credulous a few small advertisement.Do not act rurously, otherwise it is easy to damage the lock core in the process of operation, and it will be more trouble to repair it.2. Gum unlock: plug the gum soft into the lock hole, and push the softened gum into the lock hole with a tool.Some of the old pins are of average quality or short length, so they are “squeezed” by chewing gum and then inserted with a tool to open the lock.3. Hit the lock core: First insert one end of a key into the B lock core, and then hit the other end of the key with a hammer.In the process of knocking, this unlocking method is mainly the use of A, B level lock core design loopholes, hit the lock core pin to unlock the purpose of trying to twist the key, in addition, this unlocking method will not damage the structure of the lock, open the door can also be successfully opened with the key.