A magnitude-4 quake is unlikely in the coming days

2022-06-17 0 By

The epicenter was located at 34.32 degrees north latitude and 117.03 degrees East longitude, with a depth of 10 kilometers, according to the China Earthquake Networks (CENC).Tremors were felt in Xuzhou tongshan district (Liuji Town, Dapeng Town, Liuxin Town), Quanshan District, Gulou District, Yunlong District and Suzhou County, Anhui Province.The earthquake is a normal release of regional strain, and it is unlikely that an earthquake of magnitude 4 or above will occur in the next few days.5 at 23:17, Xuzhou city fire rescue detachment mining road fire rescue station sent professionals, quickly in-depth into the earthquake core area of Tongshan District Liu Ji Town zhang Ji coal mine near the hospital, the scene of the earthquake disaster accident patrol.The weather was fine and the temperature was -2℃.On the scene of the situation, the houses remain intact, no obvious earthquake disaster was found.Editor/White Dragon