Lionel Messi beats Cristiano Ronaldo in a near-death match between Germany and Spain

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, April 2 (reporter Zheng Daojin)The draw for the round of 32 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar was announced early Thursday (Beijing time).Despite having Spain and Germany in the same group, there was no “super death group” among the eight groups, which were relatively evenly distributed.Messi is a better signing than Cristiano Ronaldo, and Argentina’s top half is less competitive than Portugal’s top half.The earliest we’ll see Melo meet is in the semifinals.Belgium seem to have the worst chance of winning the tournament, facing runners-up Croatia and surprise favourites Morocco and Canada in the group stage.Even if they finish top of Group F, they would likely face Spain or Germany in Group E in the round of 16, and Brazil in Group G or Portugal in Group H in the round of eight, which would be particularly difficult.The two giants, Spain and Germany, were drawn together in Group E, raising the prospect of a “super group of death”.Thankfully, the group then drew Japan and either Costa Rica or New Zealand, the winner of the intercontinental play-off, which provided some relief.Of course, Japan and Costa Rica also have a certain ability to upset.Japan nearly upset Belgium in the knockout stages of the last World Cup, while Costa Rica did the same in 2014, beating Italy, England and Uruguay to top their group.Ronaldo’s Portugal are drawn in Group H with Uruguay, Ghana and South Korea and should have little trouble progressing through to the top two, but they could then face Brazil in the round of 16.Neymar’s Brazil are in Group G with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon and are likely to face West Germany in the last eight, even if they avoid Portugal in the round of 16.Compared with ronaldo, who is 37, Messi, then 35, would be a slightly better signer.Argentina is in a group C group that normally would have no problem advancing, though it includes solid teams like Mexico and Poland and relatively weak teams like Saudi Arabia.If they avoid France in the round of 16, they are likely to face the likes of England or Holland in the last eight.Fans will have to wait at least until the semi-finals to see Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo go head-to-head in what is likely to be their last World Cup.Defending champions France were lucky to draw group D in the top half, along with Denmark, Tunisia and the intercontinental play-off places yet to be decided.It will be hard to stop France from topping the group, regardless of whether Australia, the United Arab Emirates or Peru fill the final slot.France would normally avoid Argentina in the round of 16 and then face the real test in the round of eight: the Netherlands or England.England and the Netherlands are the two traditional powerhouses with the best signings.England have been drawn in Group B with the winners of their play-off matches against the USA, Iran and Europe, with wales, Ukraine and Scotland all having a strong advantage in their group.The Netherlands are in Group A with hosts Qatar, along with Senegal and Ecuador.The Netherlands and England are expected to both top their groups, avoid each other in the round of 16 and then start the real conversation in the round of eight.Asian teams are generally undersigned, and it is “super difficult” to make a difference: The host Qatar has to beat Ecuador or Senegal as its main goal to advance, but it will not be superior.Japan would have to beat either Spain or Germany to qualify;South Korea would have to beat Portugal or Uruguay to advance.Saudi Arabia is almost certain to finish bottom of Argentina’s group, given that Mexico and Poland, the other two opponents, are better combined than the Desert Eagles.Neither Australia nor the UNITED Arab Emirates are likely to win an intercontinental play-off against Peru.Image from FIFA official website editors: Ding Wenxian, Wu Bowen, Lu Yuchen, Duan Yutong (intern) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: