Sanxingdui bronze mask “Going Home” was officially displayed for the first time during the Lantern Festival

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Cover news reporter Dai Zhu Xin’s photo report “it’s so big, it’s really shocking.”Visitors from Baoji, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, Feb. 15, 2019, see sanxingdui bronze mask in sanxingdui Museum, which just returned to Sichuan on a business trip.Not long ago, the mask was unveiled on the night of spring in the Year of the Tiger. It has been trending many times and attracted national attention.On the day of the Lantern Festival, the bronze mask “went home” and was officially exhibited for the first time in the Cultural Relics Protection and Restoration Hall of Sanxingdui Museum. The mask in the low-back glass exhibition case was so magnificent that many tourists stopped to watch it.It is understood that the exhibition is a temporary exhibition in response to the needs of tourists.In the next step, Sanxingdui Museum will cooperate with the first-class domestic technical team to further carry out the restoration and research work of the bronze mask.This bronze mask is 131cm wide, 71cm high, 66cm deep and weighs 131 jin. It is the most complete, largest and best-preserved large bronze mask unearthed at Sanxingdui Site.Its wide forehead, exaggerated face, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, ears and other smooth lines, sharp edges.According to Lei Yu, curator of Sanxingdui Museum and head of sanxingdui Site workstation, who witnessed the excavation of the big mask, this bronze mask should be the largest bronze mask of human form found in the world so far. It was unearthed in the No.3 pit of the sanxingdui site.Unearthed face down, the entire abdominal cavity was filled with ivory.”The first thing we saw was the ear, and as soon as the ear was in good condition, we expected the mask to be relatively intact.”After slowly cleaning up the tusks, the archaeological team was overjoyed to find that the mask had hardly been hacked or burned and was in good condition, Lei said.The most surprising discovery of the bronze mask was its attachment.On the right eye of the mask, the archaeological team found the remains of silk fabric with warp and weft organization.”Previously, we had not found any silk fabric in the third pit. The remains on the large mask allowed us to confirm the presence of silk fabric in the third pit and the fourth pit.Also, the silk on the eyeballs of this big mask is better preserved than the one in pit Number four.”After more than three months of careful cleaning, the bronze mask was finally unveiled, According to Thunderstorm.The large mask on display is only a preliminary restoration, which will continue to be tested and repaired.”I was really lucky today to catch the first exhibition of the Great Bronze Mask.”Mr. Li, a tourist, also saw the bronze mask at the Spring Festival Gala.”It was a different experience to see. It was shocking.”He also had some doubts. How did ancient people with underdeveloped production technology make such a big mask successfully?In Lei Yu’s opinion, the casting technology of the bronze masks in Sanxingdui is also quite complicated, which is the same as the bronze casting in central China, mainly using separate casting method.”At the moment we are looking at the mask and we are looking at about four parts of the mask being cast separately and then cast together.This casting technology is almost the same as in the Central Plains, which proves that our ancient Shu civilization is an inseparable part of The Chinese civilization.””After the Spring Festival Gala, we received many questions from the public: when can we see the big bronze mask in Sanxingdui Museum?”Yu Jian, director of the cultural relics protection Department of Sanxingdui Museum, said that in order to respond to the needs of tourists and better display the archaeological excavation results of Sanxingdui, so that we can have a more intuitive understanding of the ancient Shu culture, the staff is planning the exhibition back to Sichuan without a stop.The mask left Beijing on February 10 and returned to Sanxingdui after three days of transportation.In order to make visitors have a better viewing experience, the museum has customized special display cases.Yu Jian introduces, this showcase specification is 208cm×185cm×110cm, weight amounts to 500 kilograms, used low reflection double layer laminated glass, very appear fully, detail of bronze big mask also can take in everything in a glance.According to Sanxingdui Museum, “In response to the public’s demand for the exhibition, Sanxingdui Museum mobilized professional logistics and exhibition companies to customize display cases, adjust the exhibition hall, and finally ensure that the bronze mask can meet the public during the Lantern Festival.”Sanxingdui Museum scenic area management Committee planning and construction minister Zhu Yarong said.Figure according to sanxingdui museum next, sanxingdui museum will also combined the domestic first-class technical team, further large bronze mask repair, and research work, and by making excavations, repair, and introduces auxiliary display video and so on, the more the sanxingdui relics protection research results to share with the public, let the people more in-depth understanding of the sanxingdui bronze culture,Appreciate the gorgeous and colorful bronze civilization of ancient China.According to reports, sanxingdui bronze mask, as the largest mask unearthed at the same time in the world, not only reflects the highest achievements of China’s Shang and Zhou bronze civilization, its excavation also reflects the highest level of archaeological work in the world today.Sanxingdui new archaeological work by archaeological research institute of sichuan province and Beijing university, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences archaeological research institute, sichuan university, Shanghai university and other units jointly team, involved in the research of domestic scientific research institutions, universities, reach 39, gathered hundreds of scientific research personnel, more than 20 subjects on an archaeological site to carry out in-depth and continue to study,The Sanxingdui model, which integrates archaeological excavation, on-site timely protection, systematic scientific research and open restoration and display of cultural relics, has been formed.What is impressive is that the multi-functional scientific excavation and research system represented by the “archaeology cabin” has laid a solid foundation for fine archaeology, laboratory archaeology and emergency protection.Environmental archaeology, scientific and technological dating, DNA determination, material analysis, bronze-ware research, and metallurgical archaeology are all moving forward simultaneously, actively exploring “Archaeology with Chinese characteristics, style, and style”.