Don’t be too nice to a girl

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Don’t be too good to her at the beginning of the chase, your excessive enthusiasm, too good to her, will only scare away girls.Maybe how many guys don’t understand, say I love her, willing to give him money, isn’t that what girls want, why there is pressure?Because you are good to her, there is a purpose, your purpose is to catch up with her, let her when you have a girlfriend, this girl also know, but just know, girls don’t know you, she can’t satisfy you, let’s have a word called take somebody else’s hand short, eat the somebody else mouth short, it would be like, your friend xiao zhang, ask you to borrow 50000 dollars, you are a bit hesitant, what do you think of zhang lazy,Afraid to lend money to him, you will not come back, this time little ticket to your home, give you took two bottles of wine a smoke, also bought a lot of fruit, that these things you accept or not accept, you will have to borrow money, then you think, zhang buy gift is $500, for 500 dollars, I want to lend him 50000, one thousand if he not also, that I don’t.Chasing girls, boys are the lower half thinking, you see a girl grow well, have you a second fell in love with her, but the girl is a slow, she didn’t so fast to fall in love with you, this time you’re too good to her, the girl will feel pressure is too big, can’t afford to all the good girls, always refused to you, only slag women will continue to cheat you, let you spend money.What is straight, straight men is that I love her, I will give him the best, you have to know the somebody else want, it’s like you have a cat, the cat loves you, he’ll give you the best of things, so one evening he caught 5 rats, and then killed, sneaking into your bed at night, could you wake up in the middle of the night startled, you know it is good,But that’s not what you want, so don’t be straight.The full mark of your kindness to a girl is 100. When you first met her, you could only treat her 20% of the time. After holding hands and hugging her, it can be raised to 50%.