Every minute counts, only will fight, trump dump Hubei to hand over the car!

2022-06-18 0 By

Recently, 5 sinotruk ace self-unloading successfully delivered to hubei major customers.To urge the order, production and logistics, it only took 10 days for this customer to order and pick up the car.In order to win this customer, hubei dealers went back and forth many times.5 cars, delivered within 10 days, the urgent need of customers, coupled with the particularities of Wuhan area, each muck transportation company for 18 tons of urban muck dump truck vehicle configuration, container standard, production process have their own personalized needs, these 5 cars have to place an order for production, and then logistics delivery to Wuhan.In order to fully meet the requirements of customers, wuhan dealers began to accelerate the mode of full staff after receiving orders. Sales, finance and service started to be busy from top to bottom. Confirming customer requirements, connecting with the commission to make coats, contacting customers and insurance, all went on in an orderly way.”Ace still enjoys a good reputation among customers in Wuhan. Our driver consulted many times and compared with other brands, and finally chose Ace.The previous ace had more than 60, 000 miles and good attendance.Big car running site, work has to be strong, can pull, reliability is good, asked a few driving master said to open ace car or more worry, basic no overhaul.In addition, the dealer’s service is very good, it really touched me!””The product quality is reliable, the service also has the hard guarantee, let the customer satisfaction, practice with practical action, reflects our sinotruk ace family service, customer first concept.We will continue to strive to serve more customers.”The simple words of the sales staff also speak out the aspirations of every heavy truck businessmen.