Huang Xiaogeng carried out research on the topic of “Connecting stations at home to Do Practical things to help rural Revitalization Committee Members” in Zhongbao of The Month

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On February 24, Huang Xiaogeng, chairman of the CPPCC of Nandan County, visited Yueli Town and Miao Township of Zhongbao to carry out a special research on “connecting stations at home to do practical things and assisting rural revitalization committee members”.County CPPCC vice chairman Cheng Jili accompanied the investigation.In the month in town, zhongbao Miao township CPPCC working liaison station, “have something to discuss” consultation room, CPPCC members home research, Huang Xiaogeng fully affirmed the two township station, room, home construction and operation achieved results.It is also required that towns and townships should further improve the construction and operation effect of stations and offices, actively organize consultation and suggestions, collect and reflect social conditions and public opinions, give full play to the platform role of grassroots governance, improve material archiving, and help grassroots governance and rural revitalization.Fort in the field “shakotan coast” and “li” drunken beauty month rural complex project site, Huang Xiaogeng pointed out that according to shape the country “shape, solid, the soul”, based on the resource endowment advantage, by wen fu to rural revitalization of the brigade fusion, explore an effective way, gradually develop ecological benefits and social benefits, and thus boost the local rural revitalization of the development.Source | Nandan County CPPCC Tan Huijun editor | Luo Danrong proofread | Liu Dali review | Duan Lian supervisor | Qin Yuanyuan APP client Weibo