Maojian District experimental school held “one key alarm” emergency drill activity

2022-06-18 0 By

On the afternoon of April 5th, with the sharp and piercing sound of police sirens suddenly sounded in maojian District Experimental School, several security guards and pingan vigilantes holding shields and waist forks pushed an armed gunman into a corner step by step and was captured without restraint…This is a thrilling scene in the second anti-terror drill of Maojian District experimental School this semester. It is also one of the scenes where the Education Bureau of Maojian District and the Public Security Bureau of Maojian District organized the anti-terrorism and anti-riot emergency drill and the centralized test of “one-key alarm”.In the drill, a staff member plays the role of a “gangster” holding a “murder weapon” and wants to enter the campus because of drinking.After the school security guards failed to dissuade them, they immediately rang the “one-button alarm” and contacted the 110 police command center and the bound mobile phone of the Ping ‘an security police to report an emergency.Later, the two security guards use shields, waist forks and the “gangster” against Zhou Xuan, prevent it from going further into the campus, and came to the school security vigilantes together to force the “gangster” into a corner……3 minutes later, the police on duty patrol quickly arrived after receiving the police, the “gangster” uniform and put on the police car.After the drill, Tang, a police officer from Renmin Road Police Station, summarized and commented on the drill from the aspects of security guards’ response, the start of righteousness police force and the division of labor.”Today, we jointly organized schools to conduct a centralized drill and test of one-button alarms, aiming to improve schools’ anti-terrorism and anti-riot awareness and emergency response ability, so as to ensure the safety of teachers and students.”Gao Fei, deputy director of The Education Bureau of Maojian District, said that in order to ensure the peace and stability of the campus, the later Education Bureau of Maojian District will also strengthen the joint public security department to strengthen the special skills training of the Peace justice police team, strengthen the update and maintenance of the one-key alarm device, and further strengthen the construction of civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense.Through this drill, the faculty and staff of the school effectively improved their awareness of prevention and reasonable handling of sudden terrorist incidents, their ability to protect themselves and protect students to escape effectively, and further enhanced their sense of responsibility and mission to maintain social stability and campus security.(Jin Shumin) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: