Rumour is worse than Novel Coronavirus

2022-06-18 0 By

In recent days, Guigang Daily has devoted a lot of space to reporting the effective measures taken by various departments in The city, focusing on both epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Guangxi and Guigang remains grim and complex, and there is no room for any slackening.In this case, it is particularly important to maintain a high level of vigilance and a clear mind, consciously do not create rumors, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors.For not on the scene, unable to timely learn the truth of the masses, the rumor is the most easy to demagogic, panic escalation buried under the rapid detonation of the time “bomb”.In the face of a severe COVID-19 situation, Internet rumours are more frightening than novel Coronavirus, and confidence in a concerted response is more valuable than gold.In the face of all kinds of information, especially online information, everyone has the responsibility and obligation to keep the bottom line, be respectful and cautious.The first is reverence for the rule of law.Nowadays, new media are in the ascendant. wechat, Douyin and Kuaishou provide convenient channels for people to spread information.However, we have to understand that the network zone is not a “no man’s land”, nor can it be a land outside the law.It is the duty of every netizen to observe the order of the network and protect the pure land of the network.We should always respect law and discipline, draw “red lines” on the Internet, and never lightly touch them.Otherwise, it is easy to violate the law and be punished.The second is reverence for facts.The important characteristics of rumour-making, believing and spreading are “hearsay” and catching rumors. For “grapevine news”, we hold the psychology of curiosity, impulse and diffusion.The reason for the occurrence of rumors is that rumor makers do not respect facts, do not pay attention to obtaining objective data and real situation from official channels and authoritative sources, and do not discriminate, forward or spread “grapevine news” at will.On the one hand, we must guard our “mouth”, manage our “hands” and use our “brain” well. On the other hand, it also reminds relevant departments to continue to intensify efforts to crack down on rumors and publicize information relentlessly, and keep information open and transparent.Again, reverence for duty.The “battle” against the epidemic is both a tough battle and a protracted one. The most hard-won thing in this arduous battle is our peaceful, stable and orderly social environment.This embodies the sweat of countless medical workers, community workers, public security officers, grassroots and sinking party cadres, members of the village staff, and young volunteers who stick to their posts. It is their regretless responsibility that defends social security.A solid defense against the epidemic is a blessing for the people.The failure of the epidemic defense line is a disaster for the people.While recognizing the hard work we have made, we should cherish the hard-won progress we have made in the fight against the virus. We should respect those who have done their duty, and pay tribute to them. We should work together as a whole to protect the lives and health of the people and protect the common line of defense.Unite as one to fight the epidemic and tide over the difficulties.The winter of the epidemic will pass, and we will prevail together.In the face of the epidemic, let us remain clear-headed, strengthen our confidence, and refrain from fabricating rumors, believing them, and spreading them. Together, we will win the battle of containment and annihilation with reverence, solidarity, and fighting power.(Author/Chen Cheng) & GT;>>More information please click on the end of the article “read the original article” to understand the Communist Party of China guigang Municipal Committee propaganda department hosted guigang Municipal Committee network information Office guidance guigang daily/guigang news network produced content source Man Xijiang Tide network review studio editor on duty Liang Qi