Standardization makes our life better

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Gradually improve the standard system, standard innovation to promote quality change, efficiency change, power change, promote all kinds of market subjects to practice innovative development concept, to achieve the improvement of quality upgrading and high-quality development.We should focus on the priorities and needs of all industries and sectors, further strengthen industry-wide standardization work, better lead innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, and play an active role in building a modern socialist country in all respects.Standards are more important than use!What is standardization standardization, refers to in the social practice such as economy, technology, science and management, to the repetitive things and concepts, through the formulation, release and implementation of standards to achieve unity, in order to obtain the best order and social benefits.As early as when Emperor Qin Shihuang unified the six states, he realized “the same train, the same writing, the same line”, unified weights and measures, unified road and writing, but also unified code of conduct, which is the earliest standardization.The value of standardization is to turn successful experience into path and precipitate excellent experience. Behind standardization, it means long-termism: adhere to ingenuity, better elaborate the development strategies of various industries and value concepts of each product with the help of standardization, and promote high-quality development of the whole society.The role of standards, focusing on the results rather than standards, so do not blindly develop standards, must consider the value of standards first!It is not to wait until the time is ripe or there is a perfect standard to act, but to constantly summarize and improve in the implementation, can not violate the common sense and the law of the development of things!Standards, logic is important, results are more important, in the use of standards, the first step is to have standards, the second step is to use what standards, the third step is how to use standards, the fourth step is to use better.We often just develop or adopt, lack of implementation of the third and fourth steps, resulting in waste, let the standard lose its status and value.The key is the use of standards rather than quantity, the benefits and benefits obtained after the use of standards are the only embodiment of their value.More work should be done on implementation plans to reduce the existence of “zombie standards”.Therefore, our country should attach great importance to the implementation of standards in system design, and should clarify and increase the cost of violation of standards.Management is a kind of practice, its essence is not ‘knowing’, but ‘doing’;Its verification lies not in ‘logic’, but in ‘results’;Its only authority is achievement.Standardization is the achievement of technology, the basis of quality development and scientific management, and the purpose of its implementation is to achieve results and achievements.To formulate standards, we must have a global view of benefits, rather than a narrow point of local optimization or interests.Standard formulation should strive to be simple, clear, practical and efficient, avoid trival waste.It is often said that “different ways are not enough to make a plan”. “Ways” mainly refer to the logical basis for thinking and the principles to follow when doing things.High quality development requires the construction of standard system, it is necessary to collectively recognize the importance of standards, it is necessary to learn standardized knowledge, understand standards, fear standards, unified thinking, under the guidance of standards, happy innovation, work and life.Author: Shen Yong (Department: Researcher of The Chinese Academy of Management, Master’s degree in management, Master’s degree in human Resource Research, expert in occupational post ability research)