Wei bridge township: “Wei” you come, fire anti evil two hands grasp

2022-06-18 0 By

In order to further enhance the coverage of anti-cult propaganda and education, improve the ability of the masses to recognize evil, anti-evil, during the Qingming Festival, Xiuning County Weiqiao township, give full play to the opportunity of the safety volunteer service team fire patrol to carry out anti-cult propaganda.For days, peace volunteers, dressed in a red waistcoat, use search to the villagers along the propaganda and popularize knowledge of forest fire prevention and preparedness, handling cult common sense, distribution of forest fire prevention safety education handbook with the cult publicity materials, to remind the villagers should beware of cult organizations use “qingming festival” spread feudal folly of heterodox woo con, and a call to action, andEncourage family members, relatives and friends to join in the struggle against evil cults, discover acts involving evil spirits, dare to report to the public security organs, and jointly build a good atmosphere for opposing evil cults and resisting evil cults.This activity, a total of more than 600 copies of publicity materials, received more than 70 times of consultation, not only eliminated the rural fire safety hazards, but also enhanced the masses to know and abide by the law and take the initiative to fight against evil cult organizations.