In order to ensure normal supply, Jinshan here 172 employees live in the factory production

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At present, the epidemic environment is still grim and complex in order to ensure that the public’s vegetable basket is not affected, Shanghai Mountain Forest Food Co., LTD., located in Tinglin Town, Jinshan District, has been sticking to the front line of anti-epidemic……In the forest food production workshop, a scene of production in full swing.In fact, since March 10, Mountain Forest Food Co., Ltd. has closed the plant in advance and adopted closed-loop management measures to maximize the health and safety of employees and better ensure orderly production.During the closure period, 172 factory personnel and vehicles did not enter or leave the factory unless necessary, and all the food and accommodation were in the factory, becoming the real “factory residents”.At present, the factory is divided into four periods of production in turn, with three shifts every seven hours. The daily output of products has increased from the usual 15 tons to 30 tons, and 18 cars depart every day to ensure product supply.In order to ensure the normal supply of mountain Forest cooked food stores, online platforms such as Hema Xiansheng, Ding Dong, Lianhua and Yonghui as well as large supermarkets during the epidemic period, Mountain Forest Food submitted the application for guaranteed passage of materials under the guidance of Tinglin Industrial Park at 2am on March 28. With the assistance of government departments at district and town levels,At 9:00 a.m. on March 29, I got the pass of “Shanghai Life Supplies Guarantee”.In the 31 hours that did not get the pass, the mountain side was not idle, they negotiated with Huma and Ding Dong to pick up the goods and asked them to deliver to the two larger mountain stores in the urban area, to ensure that even during the special period of severe epidemic, the citizens of Shencheng can still eat safe, delicious and high-quality mountain cooked food.The reporter zhu Lin, | Weight-losing correspondent | Li Jiajun edit | YuLanTing (trainee) coordinating editor to Lola | yu Yin Liu Jiayuan