District Disabled people’s Federation: The feeling is difficult disabled people warm hearts during Spring Festival

2022-06-20 0 By

With the Spring Festival approaching, the warmth and warmth of the disabled affected the hearts of the staff of the DISTRICT Disabled Persons’ Federation.In order to effectively send the warmth of the Party and government to each disabled person’s home in need and ensure that disabled people in need spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Zhang Jin, secretary of the Party group and chairman of the Chuanshan District Disabled people’s Federation, visited two disabled people’s families in need in Huanglong village and Hanlin Village, Guihua Town.Academician in osmanthus town village three level intelligence disabled, liu haiyan home Zhang Jin cordial talks with the disabled children, inquired about two children’s physical health, life, learning, to oil, rice, noodles, dumplings and other caffeine arts and consolation money, self-reliant, encourage them, build confidence, diligence study, by learning to change destiny, with a positive and optimistic attitude in the face of life,Report any difficulties to the DISTRICT Disabled Persons’ Federation and local Party committees and governments in time.HuangLong Village hearing two class of persons with disabilities in osmanthus town Wu Yinglan home, Zhang Jin kind inquired about people with disabilities and their families living conditions, income, etc., details about her practical difficulties in life, encouraging its build up my confidence in the life, optimistic point of view, to overcome difficulties and unyielding, believe that with the help of the party and the government and its own efforts, life will be better and better.According to statistics, this Spring Festival condolence activity, the whole district visited a total of 674 families with disabilities in difficulties, and issued more than 210,000 yuan of condolence money and rice, cooking oil and other living materials.Correspondent Wang Xiaoli Boat mountain media reporter Xu Gang