China Life creates “four high” quality services from the perspective of customers

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As a financial state, China life, always adhere to customer first, to the client’s thought, the anxious customer anxious, continuously strengthen from the perspective of customer management, promote the company to improve the quality of service, improving the quality of the business, allow customers to enjoy high aging, high value, high-tech and high emotion quality service, dedication to carefully, with clients “firmly happiness”.Related person in charge of China Life Group said, people’s livelihood is not trivial, branches and leaves always matter, people’s pursuit and yearning for a better life is the direction we strive to advance.From consumers’ “anxious expectations” to products and services “faster and better”, the company pays close attention to and responds to people’s expectations and well-being in a timely manner every time it improves and optimizes its products.”High efficiency” business process comprehensive optimization all the way smooth faster, Hebei uncle Zhang dialed 95519 customer service hotline will hear voice prompt, can “one button confirm” access to manual service, greatly eliminating the inconvenience of looking for customer service.This is the “one-tone direct one-button access” service initiative initiated by China Life Insurance for elderly customers aged 65 and above. Elderly customers dial 95519 service special line, and the system will automatically identify accurately and quickly access the manual service through voice prompt.By the end of 2021, the 95519 customer service line had served 298,800 elderly customers, with a post-call satisfaction rate of 98.18 percent.China Life optimized pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service experience, optimized sales support tools and credit approval process, and shortened customer business processing time.Enrich emergency response service scenarios and online claim self-service scenarios, comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of online and offline service contacts, and create high-quality customer experience with “high time-effectiveness”.The preservation process of the group’s life insurance companies continues to upgrade, with the paperless insurance coverage rate of individual insurance approaching 100%, the automatic rate of personal preservation exceeding 99%, and the time limit for payment of claim application reduced to 1.15 days. By the end of 2021, more than 116 million preservation applications have been processed within one second.The credit approval process of GUANGDONG Development Bank has been iteratively optimized, with the approval time reduced from the average 180 seconds to 10 seconds, and the maximum daily import volume increased from 200,000 to more than 1 million, reaching the advanced level in the industry.Property insurance companies in 2021 report payment cycle of strong traffic insurance and commercial insurance less than 10,000 yuan decreased by 3.17 days and 1.83 days respectively.”High value” unique value added services Meticulous care more caring fujian lee aunt recently discovered a new treasure, that is in the China life insurance APP “improve immunity zone”, around the neck, waist, legs and feet inside the common health problems, such as not open meridians of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health sports fitness online teaching, lee aunt this small class as their own health.Which is the integration of China life for customers to build health service system, contains all kinds of normalized health management service, satisfy the customer daily visits, heavy disease clinics, clinical first aid before service needs multiple scene, has to carry out the meridians to exercise daily, more than 400 field practice activity with surrounding aspects such as diet, exercise, sleep launched more than 100 health science video and graphic courses,More than 7.3 million new registrations were registered on the platform.In recent years, China Life has actively built models of “insurance + health management” and “insurance + pension service” around important financial and insurance-related scenarios such as health, pension and life, and continuously enriched the value-added service ecosystem with China Life’s characteristics.Guangfa Bank, a subsidiary of the Group, has introduced high-quality suppliers into the Wonderful APP to enrich the scenes of business travel and life services, with 4.5 million transaction orders in 2021.The property insurance company issued the “Whole heart and easy” value-added service system, providing vehicle services, health care services, comprehensive services and treasure cultural and creative services, four categories, 110 service resources support.Overseas companies promote the “Medical plus” medical service platform to connect with the National Life alliance and provide medical security and health management services for the group’s customers.Guoshoujian Investment Co., Ltd. develops guoshoujia Park short-term accommodation products, innovates to create a new business health product line, refines the service scene, and promotes the two-way migration of high net worth customer resources.To meet the diversified needs of customers for comprehensive financial services, China Life Continues to improve the sharing mechanism of customer and service resources, build a customer-centered and demand-oriented comprehensive financial service supply system, and realize the integration and improvement of service functions.The pre-sale process is more smooth, focusing on optimizing the links of knowing, consulting and inquiry.Online group official account “intelligent + manual” online service, realize the same box interconnection and mutual transfer among the group’s life insurance companies, China Guangfa Bank and property insurance companies, the scheduling accuracy of 28 exclusive scenes of the group exceeds 95%, and the average daily service guidance will be more than 4,500 times in 2021.The process of sale is faster, focusing on optimizing insurance, payment and policy acquisition.Life insurance companies continue to promote the construction of AI underwriting, intelligent underwriting audit rate of 92.90%;Guangfa Bank optimized card binding, payment and transaction processes to support customers to quickly tie cards and transactions;Property insurance companies optimize the process of auto insurance insurance, reduce page hopping, shorten the waiting time of customers, and share the registration function online.The after-sales process is more efficient, focusing on optimizing the links of preservation, claim settlement and insurance renewal.Life insurance companies have realized the new “smart operation” mode, completed the “multi-touch, multi-track parallel” policy service channel layout, and built a trinity online service acceptance mode of “customer self-help, air teller, sales E-shop”. The self-service rate of personal business online security reaches 88.73%.Property insurance company “Safety enjoy” platform online correction, surrender, renewal of insurance functions, fully meet customer service needs.Anhui Master Wang’s driving license is about to expire. He is busy running business and has no time to renew his license. However, he found the 24-hour unmanned self-service DMV set up by China Life Insurance on his doorstep.Can one-stop nearby for exemption mark application, approval of temporary license, replacement of driving license and other vehicle management services, “save time and worry”.At present, China Life insurance has carried out nationwide “police and insurance cooperation”, thinking of others, urgent help to solve the practical problems of the people.In recent years, China Life has actively listened to the voice of customers and grass-roots staff, changed “I want to serve” into “I want to serve”, led a series of “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, to provide customers with more secure, more intimate and warm service.The group’s life insurance companies launched the life insurance APP mode of respect for the elderly, focusing on the high-frequency needs of the elderly customers, providing remote video, voice broadcasting, voice to text and other intimate services to achieve smooth one-stop business processing. By the end of 2021, nearly 1.34 million users have used this mode for more than 7.2 million times.Guangdong Development Bank has launched inclusive finance comprehensive financing services for small and micro business owners, individual industrial and commercial enterprises and rural farmers, enabling customers to stay at home, apply on the same day, and withdraw money on the same day, greatly improving customer satisfaction.By the end of 2021, “Small and Micro E Second Loan” credit customers have exceeded 38,000, the accumulative credit exceeded 3.3 billion yuan, mortgage products issued more than 41.5 billion yuan.Overseas during the launch of the outbreak the convenience of the service, including extending renewal premium grace period, serious illness insurance products of “limit body exempted from inspection”, etc., and for the mainland customers launched “witness accounts” on the mainland, guangdong development bank account cross-border payment and claims of the remittance, shenzhen center claims receipt and group domestic hospitals from payment of medical expenses and other special measures.At the same time, China Life conscientiously implemented the work requirements of the regulatory authorities, comprehensively promoted the implementation of consumer rights protection, included the regulatory evaluation objectives of consumer insurance into the company’s “14th Five-Year Plan” development plan, improved the consumer rights protection mechanism, and adhered to the problem-oriented approach to strengthen tracking and supervision.In 2021, more than 50,000 consumer protection publicity and education activities were carried out, with more than 160 million consumers participating, more than 3,940 consumer rights protection reviews were carried out, and nearly 160,000 employees participated in consumer rights protection training. Customer complaints were effectively transformed into an important tool for the company to improve service capacity and business level.According to the latest CBRC data, the number of policy complaints of Chinese life insurance companies is only 0.06 per 10,000, ranking the top in the industry.In 2021, the number of complaints from regulatory transfer offices of GUANGDONG Development Bank decreased by 48.4% year-on-year, and the comprehensive management of complaints achieved obvious results.In the future, China Life will continue to meet the diversified financial and insurance needs of its customers as the starting point and foothold of its operation, adhere to innovation-driven development and service supply-side structural reform, improve the speed of market response, and build a customer-centered and market-oriented high-quality product and service supply system.Let the first-class experience of “good service” become the first association of customers to China Life brand, with high-quality service to protect people’s better life.Editor: Xu Ruixia