Eight years later, the Chinese Volleyball Association was humiliated again, Lang Ping created a myth shattered, it can be said that people walk tea cool

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After 8 years, the Chinese society platoon again humiliated, lang ping to create myth burst, is people walk tea cool super league is also at the end of the paragraph time, tianjin women’s volleyball team won the championship again, really don’t have too much of a surprise, at the end of the row of the super league team state general administration of sports also gives the message, the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s new coach will be selected in years ago,Lang ping in October last year after she was also the end of segregation in September, has announced his departure China women’s volleyball coach, until September October November 12 month is it now also is almost five months, and that there is no new Chinese women’s volleyball team coach, lang ping guide led us in the Tokyo Olympic Games China women’s volleyball team didn’t get good grades.Was as defending champion to Tokyo, think this again, the results start suffered three losses, also for eight ahead of time is strong, with 9 back to home, for new coach pressure is very big, so to speak, after all, we americans are so like the Chinese women’s volleyball team, in the report with such a high expectations, was eight,However, from the current situation, it seems that the position of coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team is no longer popular, instead, it has become a position that domestic coaches shun.Media reported that CAI Bin, the head coach of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team, did not apply for the job. You should know that CAI Bin is very popular and many fans believe that she is qualified for the job. Wang Baoquan, the head coach of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, also took the initiative to renew his contract with Tianjin, which shows that he is not interested in the position of China Women’s Volleyball Team.Therefore, it has been 9-10 days since the registration date of 15th, and the General Administration of Sport of China still has no suitable candidates. Therefore, he did not announce the new coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, which is also a blow to the Chinese Volleyball Association. In fact, these coaches are very disappointed with the Chinese Volleyball Association.A actions over the years, the super league Shanghai has two foreign aid, the limit single foreign aid to play also is to let fans very disappointed, and in the landscape of the golden soft as a bronze medalist in Shanghai, she actually there is no limit to the podium because the number of a, and for the Chinese society platoon, really is a bad news,And there was a humiliating blow, it is that the Chinese women’s volleyball team super league named shang vivo he also became the Italian women’s volleyball league named, that is to say from 2014-2015 season, after 8 years of Chinese women’s volleyball league again without naming, in this respect is also explains vivo company for a commercial value of the Chinese women’s volleyball team is not value,Indeed, the commercial value of our Chinese women’s Volleyball team has reached its peak after winning the World Cup in 2015 and the Olympic Games.Between years are also constantly on the advertising, and now also quickly hit a low after defeat in the Tokyo, combined with China’s society platoon a actions, but our fans are very disappointed, so the vivo named shang is also went to Italy directly, and we are the Chinese women’s volleyball league eight years no named shang, really is a humiliating blow,The Chinese women’s Volleyball Team, the world’s top strong team, has become a league without a naming agent, and we fans are also very disappointed with what the Chinese Volleyball Association has done. We hope that he can start from the selection of coach and choose a reliable coach to lead the Chinese women’s Volleyball team out of the trough from 2022.