Sister Qiongjie, an Internet celebrity, said: “I have a luxury car, flowers, a boyfriend every day, and now I am” married”

2022-06-21 0 By

In Ya ‘an city, Sichuan Province, there is a little famous Internet celebrity — Qiongjie.She is short, chubby and unusual in appearance, and in some small videos she appears to be mentally challenged.It is said that Jongjie’s life is also miserable, abandoned by her parents when she was a child, living on the streets at a young age, wearing shabby clothes and living in rags.Until one day, qiongjie as usual, wandering in a street in Ya ‘an city, the results were found by a man, then took her to start the live broadcast of the road.This encounter, the ugly duckling turned into a white swan: she drives luxury cars every day, every night to live in hotels, boyfriend one after another, all day is not “net love rush now” is in “change boyfriend”, said to get married last year, said to get married again this year.This kind of unconventional plot, always attract a large audience.Recently, Joan “got married”.On the wedding, there is no parents of both sides, no lively banquet, only a few scattered “guests”.It was obvious to anyone that the wedding was fake, but Joan was so happy in the picture that it seemed like the most memorable day of her life.It’s easy to see who’s being played.Some suspect that qiongjie, who is less intelligent, is being used as a money-making tool for Internet celebrity companies.In this regard, the company responsible for packaging Qiongjie was interviewed, but also attempted to clarify.”When we ‘discovered’ her, she was just a beggar,” he said. “Now she has food and clothing, and a mental patient is lucky to earn money.”Take advantage of everyone’s psychology of judging ugly, to consume a mental patient to make money.These people clearly see themselves as saviors!Today you can make money, you can give her food and water, tomorrow you won’t make money, Sister Joan will have to stray again.It’s not improving her life, it’s extracting value from her.Besides, how much of what they earn goes into their own pockets?A person with mental retardation, without common sense and the ability to think normally, is just fat meat to them!And once you accept their logic.Mental patients aren’t the only ones being consumed.All vulnerable and defenseless people can be their targets.Just, using this kind of “clown” like performance, win attention, win traffic, in the end is not desirable, in the end should not?Or is it that this kind of live broadcasting allows disabled people to experience warmth and the feeling of being loved? Although it is all for the occasion, maybe Sister Qiong has experienced the taste of love?