The Education Bureau of Yulin city has issued a notice for the opening of spring semester 2022!I will return to school from February 20

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On February 10th,Yulin city bureau of education, issued the yulin city bureau of education about to do a good job of 2022 spring semester notice period, several wrong peak back to school the city’s primary and secondary schools, kindergarten class in 2022 spring semester starts on February 13, 2022, February 14 solstice (online registration) 18, to carry out online teaching of primary and middle school students in the city (including young preschool education readingSon) since February 20 points partial time wrong peak period, back to school for class (boarding school students on February 20 batches peak school boarding school students in class on February 21 batches peak school class) instructed D1 focus on epidemic prevention and control (a) to strengthen the risk screening to accurately grasp and its staff and students live together personnel 14 days before the school tripIt is necessary to organize forces to carry out comprehensive screening, especially to intensify the screening of teachers, students and staff from medium-high risk areas such as Baise, so as to ensure that the number, head, location and control situation are “four clear”, and that the screening of suspected risk personnel is fully covered and controlled.Teachers, students and employees who have traveled to high-risk areas and counties (cities or districts) within the past 14 days, have had close contact with people in key epidemic prevention and control areas, and have symptoms such as fever, cough and dyspnea, are reminded to postpone their return to school.The health monitoring of students, teachers, logistics staff, parents and people living together should be carried out in detail, and the system of “daily report” and “zero report” should be implemented to master the health status every day.Before returning to school, all faculty and staff should take the initiative to report their health status and vacation schedule to the school. When reporting, they should enter the campus with “health code + travel card + temperature pass + mask”.Primary and secondary school students (children) should report their health status and vacation schedule to their homeroom teacher before returning to school. They should enter the school by “14-day health report (health commitment) + passing temperature measurement + wearing masks”.Students, teachers and staff who have been living outside the city within 14 days before returning to school shall provide negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours after arrival.We should conscientiously formulate the work plan for the beginning of the semester, and achieve “one policy for one county” and “one case for one school”. We should guide students to return to school in different sections, grades, classes and batches, so as to avoid people gathering and ensure safety and order.(3) Strengthen campus control to further improve the “two cases nine system”, and according to the plan to conduct drills.Xi called for strict implementation of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Technical Plan for Primary and Secondary Schools and Nurseries (Fourth Edition), strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures, and coordinated prevention and control of people, materials and the environment.The school gate should be strictly closed, and identity checks and temperature checks should be carried out for teachers, students and staff. No irrelevant person should be allowed to enter the school.If outsiders really need to enter the school, they should check their identity and register with their real names, and carry out “health code + travel card + passing temperature measurement + wearing masks”.To strengthen the inspection, registration and management of external sales and delivery personnel and express delivery personnel, strengthen cold chain food packaging, mail and other preventive disinfection.To refer to the environmental disinfection technical guide, regular cleaning and ventilation of classrooms, canteens, dormitories, toilets and other key places, cleaning up campus garbage and health dead spots, cleaning and preventive disinfection of the surface of objects in public areas, to increase the frequency of disinfection of high frequency contact objects.Schools should strengthen the management of students who stay in school during holidays and return to school in advance. Students should not leave school when it is not necessary, and those who do need to leave school should strictly go through the approval procedures.(4) strengthen the education guidance to staff education to guide the teachers and students and parents of students to carry out the epidemic prevention and control the latest requirements, to reduce unnecessary travel and unnecessary dinner party, maintain good sanitation and health habits, to do wear a face mask, wash your hands frequently, does not gather, test temperature, prevention and control measures, such as one-meter line in accordance with the law, integrity, personal and live together.In case of fever, cough and other symptoms, report to the village (community) and unit at the first time, and go to the fever clinic of the designated hospital in accordance with the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control. Concealment, omission and delay in reporting are strictly prohibited.D2 to good “the first lesson” should be about to meet, publicity, implement the party’s two big this masterstroke, in-depth study and implement the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth, carry forward the great spirit of the founding, adhering to the party’s one hundred years struggle history, with the spirit of the Chinese communists lineage education the teachers and students, to guide their beliefs from the strength, build a base of ideal and faith.We will thoroughly study and educate the history of the Party, the history of new China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of the development of socialism, and vigorously foster and practice core socialist values.To “celebrate 20 together into the future,” “always follow the party together into the future” as the theme, designed the opening ceremony and the first class, of school education to guide all the teachers and students from the party’s achievements, hardships, historical experience, the fine tradition of profound comprehension why can the communist party of China, why marxism, socialism with Chinese characteristics, why good,Keep in mind where the red power came from and how new China was founded, further enhance the awareness of loving the Party, patriotism and socialism, set up the lofty ambition of studying hard and working hard to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and aspire to listen to and follow the Party.D3 Focus on online teaching work should be on the basis of carefully summarizing the previous online teaching experience and practices, conscientiously prepare online teaching plans and specific implementation schemes.We should take into account the characteristics of different student groups and carry out online teaching and online q&A.Municipal and county teaching and research departments and information technology departments should strengthen the guidance of online teaching in schools, especially in rural schools, and provide online teaching resources and information technology services for schools.All schools should do a good job in the connection between online teaching and post-school classroom teaching, and effectively improve the quality of education and teaching.D4 focus on school safety work to strictly implement the main responsibility of school safety, strengthen the bottom line thinking and red line awareness, according to the requirements of “check first, after the school”, before the school began to organize a comprehensive investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of campus safety,Strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in areas such as fire safety, school safety, food and drinking water safety, construction under construction, and campus surrounding environment, and ensure that the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers are in place.We should consolidate the “four 100%” achievements of school security, further promote the special rectification of campus security, consolidate and improve the construction of campus security prevention, effectively strengthen the management of campus guards and the density of security patrols inside and outside the campus, strengthen the investigation and resolution of campus conflicts and disputes and the investigation and control of key personnel, and strictly prevent the occurrence of campus student injury cases.Strengthen the publicity of law popularization among teenagers, strengthen all kinds of safety education focusing on anti-bullying, anti-violence, anti-illegal infringement, traffic safety, prevention of telecom and network fraud, prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning accidents and other special education.It is necessary to strengthen the management of students’ mental health, pay close attention to students’ dynamics, and do a good job in psychological counseling according to the “one case in a lifetime”, so as to prevent the occurrence of extreme psychological crisis.D5 focuses on the work of dropout control and school protection to organize the “one thousand teachers into ten thousand” visit activity and special action of dropout control and school protection before and after the beginning of the school.For students who do not return to school without reason, we should immediately start the work of persuading them to return to prevent the increase of dropouts and repeated rebound.Students who have been suspended or suspended from school shall continue to be persuaded to return to school and do their best to persuade them to return.The number of school-age children and adolescents with disabilities should be checked comprehensively, physical assessment should be carried out according to procedures, and school placement should be properly carried out. Schools should take responsibility for sending severely disabled children and adolescents who meet the requirements for sending them to schools.We should fully implement the “double reduction” policy, further promote the “five management”, and improve the quality of education and teaching.We should improve the quality of after-school service, comprehensively carry out after-school service activities such as homework guidance, popular science, literary and sports, art, labor, reading, interest groups and association activities, and constantly improve after-school service and education level.We will comprehensively promote the “Internet plus Supervision” of off-campus training institutions, strengthen inspections of all off-campus training institutions within our jurisdiction, and strictly prevent unlicensed and unlicensed institutions, non-disciplinary training institutions and custodian institutions from conducting disciplinary training in violation of laws and regulations.To strengthen the organization and leadership of D7, the principal responsibility should be earnestly implemented, and the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and the reopening of the school should be taken as the top priority of the current education system.Will according to the requirements of doing fine solid and further clear of school each time, each link, the various steps of work tasks, responsible departments and persons responsible, to ensure that the epidemic situation in place, teachers and students staff health monitoring, environmental health management in place, ventilation, disinfection, epidemic prevention materials reserves in place, teaching material in place, teaching preparation, emergency disposal in place.D8 Strive to strengthen supervision and inspection of education departments and educational supervision institutions in all counties (cities, districts) should take epidemic prevention and control and school opening work as the key content of supervision and inspection, and conscientiously implement the supervision and inspection work.The Municipal Bureau of Education and the Office of the Education Steering Committee of the Municipal People’s Government will form an inspection team to inspect epidemic prevention and control and the re-opening of schools in all counties, cities and districts to ensure that all decisions and arrangements are implemented and tangible results are achieved.Text and text collection: transferred from Yulin Evening News editor: Li Shouwu Review: Shuimu Fly Song production: Fumian District Rong Media Center submission email: When you receive 0771-12340 poll telephone survey of the sense of security satisfaction of the masses, please be patient to answer, objective, fair answer, for ping An Fumian construction praise.Kapok open well-being yan Mian END tell a good fumian story spread fumian sound set up fumian image