Zhang Chaozhi: Hunan needs to play the Zhangjiajie card well

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Plague after tourism, needs a good zhangjiajie in hunan tourism, a professor at the school of sun yat-sen university, director of the world economy BBS sustainable tourism chao-zhi zhang tutors how zhangjiajie in hunan HKTB bid meeting, on this as the tourism development of hunan outbreak era pledging conference, mobilization meeting and travel release conference for the development of new ideas, based on my understanding of the hunan tourism,The following three suggestions are put forward:A, the hunan’s first brigade outbreak era conference tourism first goal is to restore confidence, since the outbreak of hunan tourism, receives the number of tourists and tourism revenues plunged, more key is a large number of tourist enterprise survival difficult, a large number of tourism practitioners the livelihood and lack of confidence and leave the tourism industry to the industry,The sustainable development of tourism is facing severe challenges.For Zhangjiajie, whose tourism income is equivalent to 70% of GDP, the difficulties faced by the local people and government are far beyond the imagination of other cities in the province.There is no doubt that Zhangjiajie is a barometer of Hunan tourism in China and even in the world. To revive the confidence of all sectors of society in zhangjiajie tourism development is to revive everyone’s confidence in Hunan tourism development.Second, the hunan’s first brigade outbreak era conference after the key task is to determine the epidemic tourism development from the perspective of the market research situation of the global, national, the outbreak has irrevocably changed the trend of tourism market, even in the near future due to effectively control the outbreak and gradually open up the tourism market, tourism consumption patterns and operation mode are fundamental change will occur.However, the market recovery after the epidemic is also likely to face vicious competition and mismanagement problems. In the post-epidemic era, hunan tourism should form a new consensus on what development strategies to adopt and how to formulate corresponding policies according to the actual situation of each region.Swim at close range, the family, such as outbound multifrequency short form has increasingly become the mainstream of hunan province and long-distance travel market, how to attract, how to promote tourism in the national market share and comprehensive competitiveness of hunan, represented by zhangjiajie resource-based tourism destination, how to deal with, how to transform the development needs a clear development ideas, to provide the model samples.Outbreak age after three, the core of the hunan’s first brigade hair assembly results to lead the national tourism market recovery nationwide, the provinces have introduced various policy measures to promote tourism market recovery, but the epidemic situation volatility and rapid change of environment at home and abroad, all is not the same, the effect of the policy have faced new problems are also different,At present, all provinces in The country are thinking and exploring the introduction of some effective, targeted policies and measures, Hunan province must take the lead in the research and development of relevant policies and measures and officially released in the first tourism development Conference.Of course, as the core of hunan tourism field, relevant research and exploration of tourism policies and measures, leave the zhangjiajie samples, need to zhangjiajie as the research object to explore the related policies and measures to provide hunan and even the whole country to promote tourism market recovery, to improve toughness and tourism industries meet the needs of the people to pursue a better life.Illustration by Chen Li editor by Luo Hongyan Duty director by Yang Xudong final review by Zhuo Zhihua This platform is owned by Zhangjiajie Daily.Any unit or individual who uses, republishes or disseminates the media copyright contents of Zhangjiajie Daily must obtain written authorization in advance.In addition to the scope of legal fair use, without permission, shall not be reproduced, dissemination of copyrighted works (works form is not limited to words).