Internet big factory frequent downsizing?12 enterprises, including Tencent and Alibaba, were interviewed by the cyberspace Office

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Network spread many large Internet enterprises to large-scale layoffs?On April 8, the official wechat account of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released a statement saying that “employment of Internet companies has remained stable in the past six months.”Recently, CNCN interviewed 12 Internet companies, including Tencent, Alibaba, Meituan and, about their employment and business development.Companies have expressed that the Internet industry generally has a rapid staff flow, the current number of employees and business development is generally stable, full of confidence in the future development.News of layoffs, whether the number of employment in Internet companies has decreased?According to the latest statistics, from July 2021 to mid-March 2022, Tencent, Alibaba, Bytedance, Meituan, Pindoduo, Kuaishou, Baidu,, NetEase, Weibo, Bilibili and Ant Group employed a total of 216,800 people, 295,900 people and a net increase of 79,100 people, among which,Eleven companies hired more than they left.Some of the companies surveyed reported robust business growth and revealed plans to expand recruitment this year.Tencent said it will continue to introduce core science and technology personnel and outstanding graduates this year, and the total number of employees is expected to increase.Meituan company reflects that the company to shop, home, online car hailing, cycling and other business lines and functional lines of personnel, have a certain degree of growth, since last July, a net increase of 17,000 employees, this year will continue to promote the recruitment plan for fresh graduates.Part of the enterprises to adjust the business plate, the number of staff decreased.According to the company’s introduction, according to the needs of business development, the company has recently carried out staff reduction optimization for the loss-making business, while expanding the scale of staff related to content and maintaining the stability of staff in other sectors. The total number of staff is expected to increase this year on the basis of last year.Due to changes in the business situation, JINGdong Group chooses to focus on the main business, focusing on supply chain and other businesses, and continues to increase the recruitment of excellent talents. Some adjustments are made to the exploratory business, involving some employees, but the number of employees in the group remains stable overall.Beijing Bytedance said it cut some business units in the second half of last year to optimize positions in some lines, but increased recruitment in content quality, technology and operations during the same period, and the total number of employees has increased since last year.Some enterprises take the initiative to respond, increase scientific and technological innovation, while taking a variety of measures to stabilize the existing staff.Affected by the epidemic and external environmental factors, Baidu Group has adjusted some business organizational strategies, focusing on increasing investment in intelligent cloud, chip, and autonomous driving personnel and technology. In 2021, it will invest 22.1 billion yuan in r&d in related fields.Baidu group said it has achieved significant advantages in key technology areas such as autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, machine translation, and flying-paddle deep learning framework, and the number of employees is generally stable.Alibaba Group said that although the external environment changes and the enterprise development faces new challenges, the group takes the initiative to embrace the changes to adjust its business, actively adapt to the new environment, focus on key areas and customer value, and better serve platform users with more effective supply.In order to attract and retain talents, the Group has upgraded employee welfare programs, set up transportation subsidies, tried out flexible office system, and added more than 9,000 employees to its core business in the past year.Ant Group continues to make efforts in the direction of digital technology and globalization, and promotes the digital transformation of traditional industries through technological and model innovation.The group attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents, and has taken a variety of measures to improve employee welfare, strengthen talent skills training, expand talent development space, attract and retain talents, the overall number of employment is stable, with a slight increase in personnel.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zeng Yuxuan news clues breaking channel: application market download “morning video” client, into the “morning to help” topic;Or call the morning video news hotline 0731-85571188.