Qingliu County organized the recruitment of full-time liaison officers for disabled persons in townships in 2022

2022-06-22 0 By

By 2021, in 13 towns and townships in Qingliu County, only two full-time liaison officers for disabled persons had been selected, a shortfall of 11.Under the high attention of the City disabled persons’ Federation and qingliu County Committee and county government, qingliu County selected and hired full-time disabled persons liaison work smoothly, it is expected to complete all procedures in early March, all the county full-time disabled persons liaison staff can work.As the saying goes: “no foundation, formation”, in order to solve the problems of the implementation of director “someone”, the county party committee in charge of the leadership Yin XiaoPing standing committee on January 12, led by disabled persons’ federation organization county, county finance bureau, county civil affairs bureau, county people club bureau project negotiation meeting, study and formulate the villages and towns full-time liaison hiring plan for the disabled, requested as soon as possible together 11 township full-time liaison gap for the disabled.On January 29, the county Disabled persons’ Federation and the county Finance Bureau jointly carried out the recruitment of full-time disabled liaison officers in towns and townships.A work promotion meeting was held on February 11 to highlight the details of the deployment.Feb. 18 organized recruitment interviews;Medical examination on 23 February;The candidates to be hired will be publicized on February 25.Planned in March all township full-time disabled liaison work, for my county disabled cause.