Severe punishment!Four men jumped the fence at high speed to avoid the quarantine

2022-06-22 0 By

At about 8:30 on April 2, 2022, four people jumped over the fence and entered Tuanfeng while passing through the overflow river section of Wuying Expressway.After obtaining the information, The Tuanfeng Police and the epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters will promptly take corresponding emergency measures and seize the four people in time.According to the investigation, on the evening of April 1, Wu mou, Chen Mou, Xiong Mou and Chen mou and other 4 Shanghai migrant workers returned to the group, by private car from Shanghai Pudong District to return to the group, in order to escape isolation, jumped over the fence into the area of Tuanfeng.At present, four people have been quarantined, nucleic acid test results are negative, waiting for them to be severely punished by the law.The Tuanfeng police remind those who refuse to implement the decisions and orders issued by the people’s government under the state of emergency according to article 50 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Punishments for Public Security Administration shall be given a warning or a fine of less than 200 YUAN;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be detained for not less than five days but not more than 10 days and may, in addition, be fined not more than 500 yuan.In addition, those causing the transmission of novel Coronavirus or serious danger of transmission of coronavirus may be suspected of violating Article 330 of the Criminal Law, constituting the crime of impairing the prevention and control of infectious diseases;Those confirmed patients or pathogen carriers who conceal their illness, conceal their travel information, enter public places or take public transport and cause the transmission of novel coronavirus may be suspected of violating Articles 114 and 115 of the Criminal Law, constituting the crime of endangering public security by dangerous means.Once again, the police remind people to strictly abide by and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention regulations.Strictly implementing the epidemic prevention policy is a manifestation of our responsibility to ourselves, our families and society. It is also the obligation of citizens.People returning from medium – and high-risk areas should report to their communities (villages) as soon as possible, actively cooperate with screening and testing, and consciously implement prevention and control measures. Public security organs will investigate legal responsibilities of those who fail to report or intentionally conceal their travel schedule, thereby causing the risk of spread of the epidemic.Any act of breaking away from management without authorization or causing the spread of the epidemic due to delayed, concealed or omitted reporting will be held accountable in accordance with the law with no tolerance.