Suiyang District: Cultivate and expand new agriculture to promote farmers to increase income and get rich

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In the middle of spring farming was in full swing.On March 31, walking into the Morels cultivation greenhouse of Qianmo Farm in Wangge Village, Fengqiao Town, Suiyang District, rows of morels are neatly arranged, one by one morels break through the soil, delicate and lovely, and workers are busy picking skillfully.”Morchella is a particularly good tonic. I didn’t know it when I was working in other places, but it was only after understanding agricultural policies that I got to know it. There are also ‘gold and silver mountains’ on my doorstep.”Guo Jinlong, head of Qianmo Farm, told the reporter, “I can not only make money, but also promote the development of my hometown, so I mobilized my friends to start farming by taking shares of land and cooperating with the company.”It is reported that Qianmo family farm has absorbed operation funds for many times, changed its operation mode and expanded its operation scale. Currently, the farm covers an area of 52 mu, planting morels 30 mu and organic vegetables 22 mu. Its annual output value exceeds 3.6 million yuan and its net income exceeds 2 million yuan.There are 3 daily fixed workers, and hundreds of temporary workers are needed every year.On this basis, the farm always pays attention to local agricultural policies and current agricultural technologies, actively participates in various policy publicity and technical training, updates knowledge reserves, introduces advanced technologies, and strives to maximize every inch of land.Qianmo Family Farm is the representative of Fengqiao Town actively exploring new agriculture, and also the epitome of Suiyang District vigorously developing new forms and models of modern agriculture.In recent years, Suiyang District has continuously cultivated and strengthened characteristic industries, promoted the development level of modern agriculture, promoted the quality and efficiency of agriculture, and increased farmers’ income to get rich.In Suiyang district, there are many characteristic and advantageous industries that develop and grow continuously — Likou town 10,000 mu watermelon planting base, Guo Cun town 10,000 mu potato production base, Lou Dian town pollution-free asparagus production base, Baogongmiao town sanying pepper production base…A characteristic agricultural planting base in suiyang district flourish, broaden tens of thousands of farmers to increase the income of the road, characteristic agriculture industrialization, scale, intensive development has achieved gratifying results.So far, suiyang district agricultural product certification to the doctrine of the standard of the 32, building industry base 8, more than one thousand mu of characteristics was built more than one hundred mu of fruit and vegetable base, 18, to create a national standard garden vegetables, 1 national village yipin 1 (watermelon) demonstration village, built the heap Gu ear ear peace, song MAO set agricultural tutter and Feng Qiao should day agriculture demonstration pilot project of a batch of fine fruits, such asThe demonstration effect of characteristic breeding bases such as Baogongmiao Aige poultry Industry, Guocun Hongxing Animal Husbandry, and Yanji Chuntian breeding Professional cooperative has become increasingly prominent.Suiyang district this year will continue to integrate project resources, key support potato, melon, peanut, asparagus, edible fungus and other advantages of agricultural development, 1 will be built in the provincial or municipal industrial park, modern agriculture 15 family farm, develop Chinese herbal medicine planting 4000 mu, the new “a label with the doctrine of the” three or more agricultural products, agricultural products processing and conversion rate reached 73%.We will continue to accelerate the construction of 13 industrial parks and workshops in townships and towns, promote the deeply integrated development of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, and enable farmers to share more of the benefits of value-added industries.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: