Talk about wacky running workouts

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Running is the most basic of human activities, and although the movements may seem simple, those who keep their heads down on the track/road have a lot of tricks.Everyone wants to run faster, but a lot of ideas go against each other.For example, Yue Buqun and Lin Pingzhi certainly feel “sunflower treasure book” is a good thing, let me be afraid not necessarily.If the running circle is a martial arts, each faction will have what people have never heard of see not seen “martial arts secrets”.Suzuki Seiwa in the field of marathon training should be able to be regarded as a pioneering school, training martial arts pay attention to “inside the breath, outside the muscles and bones skin”, and Suzuki Seiwa with “cell division method” and “bone running method” successfully achieved both internal and external repair.Suzuki seiwa was a long distance runner, representing Komazawa University in the Hakone relay, hard power can be said to be great.Plagued by injuries, he later devoted himself to sports medicine and exercise physiology, and developed a new theory of running.Among them, the most famous are “bone running” which trains running form and “cell division” which trains endurance.To put it simply, skeletal running is about finding the best form for each runner, especially for Asians, according to their different body types.Suzuki believes that most runners fall into three categories: swing, twist and piston.For example, small short legs are suitable for swing type, five or five body to run and twist type, long legs are piston type.To be honest, you can’t admit that you are a swing runner!Three different running methods, in fact, for different body types of runners in stride and frequency of a running-in.As for whether to land on the ball of the foot or heel, what is the best way to swing?I think the runner is in charge!Another invention, the “Cell division Run”, sounds fancier. Simply put, it involves training to breathe through the nose rather than through the mouth while maintaining a certain speed.In essence, the cell division run is a mandatory low-intensity endurance training with the main purpose of developing basic endurance, increasing the energy supply ratio of fat and reducing the energy supply ratio of sugar TS.However, after communicating with many runners, I found that it is not easy to run with your mouth closed all the time. Apart from everyone’s breathing habit, everyone’s demand for oxygen will be different, and stopping language itself may be a more difficult training than running.Whether it is “bone running” or “cell division”, it is the constant exploration and research of running that is the real key, rather than the theoretical debate.The idea training method refers to the method that people consciously and actively use the motion imagery that has been formed in the mind or make full use of imagination to train.Compared with suzuki Seiwa’s research summary, this is undoubtedly more advanced.Like the “Heavenly Dragon Eight bu” in the carefree school, others are still in the martial arts range, he has begun to cultivate immortals.Mind training may sound like a bit of nonsense, but it doesn’t really stand up to the notion of “successful people.”Fu Han is not only the 300 runner, but also the 2019 UTMB CCC finisher.In order to complete the 100-kilometer race and climb over 6,100m, Mr. A Fu Han has prepared carefully.In addition to regular training over 300km per month, mountain climbing is also indispensable.Finding a nearby mountain wasn’t easy, and the time he had to spend walking back and forth wasn’t worth the cost, so He turned to mind training.Not just mountain climbing with your mind, but climbing the Alps with your mind.It is said that he spent a lot of time simulating all the hills that would appear in the race in his head.The experience may seem bizarre, but at least Afhan is convinced by the training.In comparison theory, this is a moving image.To visualize an experience in your mind, visualize the steps and rhythms of movement to ensure effectiveness.If the sport is based on standards, you also need to imagine the end result you can achieve.Chongli 168 began to sign up this year, I do not know now to begin this training, is still in time to catch up with the competition.Speaking of schools, we have to mention the Family of the Wudang school.Laymen like us may only have an impression of a genre like Tai Chi, moving slowly to static braking!In running, there is such a running method, super high cadence, super slow pace, that is high cadence.This running method pays attention to stride control speed, in running to control the center of gravity, the foot point must not fall before the center of gravity, about 10cm position, then stride control.The core is still to reduce stride length, it is best to change one big step into two small steps, basically stride length is about 30-40cm.When you can successfully reach more than 200 stride frequency, pace control at more than 12, congratulations, you are ready to start!For runners who want to lose weight, especially those who have no running experience and lack the ability to run, most coaches recommend starting with walking and then combining running and walking. After that, most runners will enjoy the feeling of flying as they lose weight and improve their ability.I have always been a little confused about the high cadence between running and walking. If I work hard, how much cadence can I achieve?Or will you never run again?If you don’t know what you’re talking about, check out Orson Park in Beijing.If you have enough exercise experience, then you must know the importance of power generation skills.Running, as a sport that almost the whole body needs to participate in, has always been controversial on how to effectively exert power and improve the efficiency of running. It seems that each school has its own reason.The latest trend is hip flow, which enhances leg lifts.Supporters of hip power also believe that the gluteal muscles are the key to power generation and the source of the body’s forward strength.In comparison, the thigh force, the calf force seems a little flat.More abstruse or some great god’s “do not send force” run, knee joint does not send force, thigh does not send force, calf does not send force, do not send force that also run what?But I’m still too uneducated to appreciate the six-figure value of the deity’s teachings.After some self-exploration, I can only understand the “no force” running method is not deliberately to force, try to keep the body relaxed and more coordinated state, and then through inertia steady forward.If MY understanding is correct, then I can only say that in the future we still need to simplify, the way we speak.Finally, draw lessons from huo Yuanjia’s opinion, martial arts should eliminate the view of different families, melting the strength of each school in one furnace.Compared with it, running is also different from person to person, put down right and wrong, only appropriate and inappropriate.