The fifth day of the New Year welcomes the God of wealth

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Today is February 5th, Saturday, sunny.Today is the fifth day of the lunar New Year, the day to welcome the God of wealth.Chinese New Year these days holiday, every day do not want to get up too early, so six or seven o ‘clock woke up, will play games to get up at eight, two puppies hum chirp, have time to loudly call, afraid of neighbors have opinions, have to get up and wash, take them out of the door after the honest, silent.In order to mow the grass for the rabbits, I rarely take photos and videos. I can no longer see the beautiful scenery of the reservoir. I just look at the ground, looking for grass.I lowered my head and mowed the grass with a little shovel, shook off the dirt and put it in a bag.Have time busy mowing grass, think of the time to shout a voice small black yellow, it both will emerge from the nearby, see I still don’t go, continue to play.Mowing grass can not be too long, or you will feel waist pain, almost enough to eat for a day or two, will go, will soon end the holiday, once you go to work, I do not know whether there is time to grass, take advantage of these two days of rest, cut more every day, they will not be hungry when they go to work.The thought of the six furry creatures filled my heart with tenderness.When you get home, throw some grass to the big rabbits and the little rabbits. The little rabbits will not run out until it is warmer.I bought a lot of white radish these two days, cut them into small squares, on the rabbit rabbit hole.Today is a nice day, sitting in the middle of the yard, stroking the dog’s hair, watching the little rabbits eating grass at the mouth of the cave, I feel very peaceful, really a kind of retirement comfort.Black occasionally ran to the mouth of the cave, scared the little rabbits ran away in panic, in order not to let it scare away those little cute, I had to tie up black, can only it on the platform activities.Huang is more lovely, it lies lazily on the grass basking, will not frighten the rabbits.These days, I suddenly thought of a lot of things in the past. I found that no matter when I went to school, or after work, I didn’t have any clear goals in life. I was always making do and confused.This is probably the so-called fate bar, can only in this ordinary ordinary day to live in a muddle.Afternoon sister and little nephew came, after the flight to also came, little nephew came to play volcano eruption in the yard, get the benefits are dirt.Hang Hang come anxious to see rabbit rabbit.The two children were chatting and playing happily in the yard.When my little nephew entered the house, he was covered with dirt, just like a big potato dug out of the ground.In the evening, I had dinner at my sister’s house. The salty fish my brother-in-law brought back from Anhui was made by my grandfather. It tasted very good, but it was too salty.When I got home and went back to playing matsu, I felt like I was addicted to drugs.Jin Song contacted me and told me that she would come to visit tomorrow and contact Zhang Yongzhi, but she could not attend a one-day class tomorrow.I plan to take Jinsong to mow the grass tomorrow and let her see the scenery of the reservoir.Isn’t it delightful to have friends coming from afar?