The truck broke down and broke down at high speed

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With the warming of the weather, the failure rate of vehicles running on the expressway increases, and the failure of vehicles occupying the emergency parking lane is easy to cause secondary accidents, seriously affecting the safety of other vehicles.Morning of April 7, kaifeng high-speed traffic police brigade two conductors hong-tao hao led the auxiliary police badad, Du Haisheng, Xu Guangyu patrol to big wide high-speed, 1982 kilometers west half range found a truck parked in the emergency lane, in order to avoid the accident, the instructor hong-tao hao immediately stop forward and alarm alerts, out of the car to ask trucker details.After understanding the truck power failure can not run normally, instructor Hao Hongtao after understanding the situation, he commanded auxiliary police Li Feng to safely divert the truck into the liancheng service area, to ensure road safety and eliminate safety hazards.Although the action is small, it can effectively prevent accidents.The truck driver expressed his heartfelt thanks to the auxiliary police, and later called the command room of the Kaifeng High-speed traffic police detachment to express his thanks!Thank you for ensuring the safety of the majority of riders!High-speed traffic police warm reminder: the weather is getting hot, the vehicle for a long time, long distance driving, it is easy to break down.Driver friends must often check the vehicle, timely maintenance.If there is a problem on the highway, the driver should place a triangle warning sign at 150 meters behind the car, and the vehicle personnel transfer to the highway guardrail, and call the high-speed alarm phone for help.